Your Questions About Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

Maria asks…

Can i lose weight eating healthy without exercises?

Due to arthritis in my legs i can’t exercise much, even walking too long is painful. I am trying to eat healthily and i wanted to know if it’s possible to lose weight just by following a healthy diet but no exercises.

richmama answers:

Any combination of eating less and/or exercising more will work as long as your fuel intake (food/fuel/calories) is less than what you need to power your day. So the answer is yes.

FWIW, swimming and/or cycling could work for you without causing too much pain, and might even improve the arthritis.

Helen asks…

Brisk walking 2 miles a day + eating healthy = Lose weight fast?

I need to lose A LOT of weight. Will I if I Brisk walk 2 miles a day and eat healthy portion sizes? How much do you think I’d lose a week or a month?

richmama answers:

You would probably lose at least one pound a week.

Paul asks…

What are tips I can use to lose weight besides eating healthy and exercising?

I’ve been exercising and eating healthy but I can’t lose weight.
I’m not afraid to use drugs or any other ways to do it. Any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated, even appetite suppressant tips I will take.
Thanks <3

I'm 5'7 and 131 lbs =[

richmama answers:

Hi Olivia,

It sounds as though you have a great diet and exercise enough each week. The one thing you did not mention was getting enough sleep. With your busy lifestyle, are you getting enough sleep each night? The more sleep, the better. In order for your metabolism to be consistent, a steady amount of sleep is required. I hope this helps!

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George asks…

Tips for eating healthy to lose weight?

Does anyone have any good advice or maybe a website to obtain good advice for losing weight and just eating healthy in general?

richmama answers:

Here’s a few tips that work for me:
I spend a long time in front of a computer screen. Often I just stare at the monitor for up to 15 seconds while a page load or a document gets printed or whatever it is that the computer is doing.
When this is happening I lift my hands up over my head and then bring them down. I keep on doing this until the computer has finished whatever it is doing and it requires some input.,. From me.
I do similar exercises like getting up from the chair and sitting down again. I sometimes might be standing up and might type a few sentences while standing.
Combine this with drinking only water and I am doing something to lose weight. It is not much but doing it all the time it does help in losing weight.
I might swap this sometimes. I might decide that I will not do the arm exercise for a week but that week I will get off the lift two floor below and walk up the last two floors.
So long as when I go to bed at night I can say that that day I have done something extra to burn some weight, I am happy.

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