Your Questions About Apothecary Jars

Sharon asks…

What to put in Old World Apothecary Jars?

I have 3 apothecary jars, of varying sizes – ranging from 2′ to 8″ and different widths also, on a large glass and metal square coffee table. I would like to find some unusual old world items to put in them, but I’m stumped.

I’ve considered old buttons, old door knobs, old scrabble pieces, twine balls, etc. but all seem to present one challenge or another.

Any suggestions?

richmama answers:

Rock salt, sugar crystals, hard candy, marbles, dominoes, small toy metal cars, match books, tongue depressors (that’s what my doc keeps in his), bubble gum, potpourri.

Betty asks…

Where can I find Apothecary Jars?

I need to find apothecary jars that aren’t super expensive for a crafting project. Any ideas other than ebay where I might find these little treasures?

richmama answers:


Donna asks…

Any one knows where can I get glass apothecary jars with lids like this?

Any one knows where can I get apothecary jars like this in singapore or online shops that will ship to singapore?

Let me know!

richmama answers:

Lillian and vernon has a set of three for 24.98 i’m not sure if they ship to singapore or not though sorry. You could visit the website to find out.

Ruth asks…

I’m looking for unique ways to fill apothecary jars in my living room – old world style. Any suggestions?

I’m tired of seeing shells, vine balls, fish, you know – all the usual things. Help!

richmama answers:

Here are a few suggestions:
old glass or brass doorknobs
old keys
old watches
vintage linens
kewpie dolls
old baby shoes
shredded old maps

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