Your Questions About Reading Eagle

Jenny asks…

Bob takes a reading and finds the angle of elevation to an eagle in a tree to be 11.2 degrees. He walks 2640ft?

and takes another reading and finds the angle of elevation to be 55 degrees.

a) Find the Distance from Bob to the base of the tree at the first sighting.

b) Find the vertical height of the eagle to the nearest foot.

please show work

richmama answers:

Depends if he walks directly toward the tree or not

Robert asks…

In the Bible, I remember reading about how the Bear will attack the Eagle?

I’ve left out a lot but it would great if someone explained this symbolism. When it talks about Bear that means Russia right? Same for the Eagle being America. I know there we’re other animals but I can not remember them. Now, Is this really going to happen in the future?

richmama answers:

It sounds very scary, but that’s how it is generally interpreted. I couldn’t tell you if that’s what is really going to happpen; only God knows. I know that Russia has become very cool towards the U.S. And that they are getting more aggressive, but they haven’t the power right now to take the United States. We will have to hold on to our seats and see what happens in the future.

Linda asks…

Did u read the story in the reading eagle,sun,3/16/08 about the boy beaten with a ext. cord?

Reading eagle, 3/16/08, sun paper wrote a story about a 10 yr boy who was beaten with a ext. cord cause he throw his papers away cause of poor grades, his face was all beaten and bloody marks all over his body and his mother did nothing while the bf did the beating. The child was taken away and I hope she never gets him back. Now you wonder why this story means so much to me, cause this was my life when i was a little girl, and i better not open my mouth cause i would get it worse, both my parent did this and none of my grandparents aunts, uncles came to our rescue [3 children] the POPLIESZK ,from PENNEL, PA AND THE RHOADS from GILBERTSVILLE, PA never came to visit cause polish people marry polish and dutch marry dutch so we never got to see our relatives.People don’t believe this happens, YES IT DOES and i have marks til today to prove it. No body turned this in cause it just wasn’t done in the 50’s. I was just 4 yrs old til my mother died, i was 13.

richmama answers:

No I haven’t read the news story and it makes me ill….Children are such a gift from God and people are too simple minded to realize the treasure right before their very eyes. I am so sorry you have had to go through this terrible ordeal yourself. A person who has experienced such horrific pain, physical and emotional, is in a position to carry the word to others to stop this violence. You should consider using your misfortune to help others now…speak at women’s shelters and other social scenarios. Make some phone calls and learn how you may be used by God as His earthly instrument to spare another precious child this kind of treatment. Your life of horror could change a world of someone else. Please consider looking into this way to help others.

Sandy asks…

Which movie is better? Burn After Reading or Eagle Eye?

I am going out with some friends tonight and I don’t know which one is better to see? So what are your guys opinions?

richmama answers:

Burn after reading was hilarious!
I haven’t seen eagle eye but i heard it was pretty bad.

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Halloween Trick or Treat Tips

Trick or Treat Tips…

Here are 13 safe and healthy trick or treat tips from…Be sure to check out their free shipping deal with to help you save some dough this Halloween…

1. For colder climates, begin by purchasing a costume that’s at least one size larger to allow for insulating layers underneath.
2. Add reflective tape to costumes and candy buckets.
3. Use safety pins to shorten long costumes and avoid tripping.
4. Sew your child’s name and phone number inside costume in case she or he gets lost.
5. Ask older kids who trick-or-treat by themselves to plan a route and share it with a grown-up. Set a return time.
6. Instruct kids not to eat treats until a grown-up has inspected them first. Candy that’s already been opened should be tossed. For little kids, trade small, hard candy for soft treats, as these could be a choking hazard.
7. Remove masks when crossing the street, and cross only at corners.
8. Don’t walk between parked cars.
9. Carry a flashlight. If possible, also bring along a colored light for better night vision.
10. Be careful near candles and jack-o’-lanterns.
11. Only visit homes that have an outside light on.
12. Accept treats at the door, and don’t go inside a stranger’s home.
13. Avoid petting animals without asking first.