Your Questions About How To Pay Off Mortgage Quickly

Lisa asks…

How do I structure a mortgage to pay it off quickly?

I am about to buy a mortgage for a property. Does anyone have any tips for me about how to structure it correctly from the beginning so I pay it off as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for your answer.

richmama answers:

Personally I have my mortgage paid bi-weekly and have added 30.00 dollars to each payment. This was the advice of the mortgage specialist. Instead of a 20 yr mortgage, is is been reduced to 12….woohoo! Check into it.

Richard asks…

How to pay a mortgage off quickly but not go broke?

richmama answers:

To pay more than the minimum monthly payments sometimes to double up.

Sandy asks…

How do you earn money really quickly on Animal Crossing Wild World?

I have $100,000 to pay off mortgage I need to do it quickly….

richmama answers:

These are the items you can sell:

*those robot things you can dig up

the more valuble things are:
*larger fish
*rarer insects

fruits are the simplist though because one peice of fruit is worth 100 bells, so its easier to do if you have a ton of trees.

You can also go back and forth through time if you want. It makes it a little more complicated, but its fast.
What you do is:
*press continue when it asks what you want to do
*press for the phone
*go to reset clock
and im sure you can figure out what to do from there.


other methods which might not have been totally clear:

*shake the trees and you will
-get fruit
– attacked by bees
-100 bells
– furniture

if you get attacked by bees, DONT RUN AWAY! Because if you have insurance from lyle, he pays you 100 bells in the mail the next day.

*go to the rycyling place in town hall/city hall whatever its called

*go to those two dogs and ask to check the lost and found. The dopey looking dog on the left side of the gate is the one to talk to.

Hope i helped!

Carol asks…

Paying off credit cards to get mortgage – advice please?

We have finally been told by Halifax that they will give us a mortgage, as long as we pay off my husbands two credit cards that total £4500. Everything else, including the valuation, can now go ahead but the transfer of the funds will not happen until the credit cards.

We have savings, and are selling a couple of things to help pay them off as quickly as possible – but we think we are likely to fall £1500 short. However, I have a credit card that has a £1000 space on it.

We are wondering, as they want us to get rid of my husband’s two cards, whether we would be able to transfer some onto my card and then get rid of his?

Also, how long are they likely to give us to do this?
The mortgage is in both mine and my husband’s name.

Also, moving the balance from one card to another is not taking on additional debt, it is moving it around.

We can more than afford the mortgage repayments, as Halifax has acknolwedged.

We just need to get rid of the two cards in order to get underway with moving.

richmama answers:

Halifax is doing you a favour by trying to keep you out of a situation that you can’t afford.

I doubt that they would react favorably to your taking on additional debt after the application.

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