Your Questions About How To Display Kids Artwork

Donald asks…

what was this childrens show ? (90’s or in early 2000’s)?

what was that childrens show in the 90s or early 2000’s where there was a paintbrush world and this guy walked through it and taught kids how to paint where at the same time you would explore the world and go on little adventures with him? Also, they had this section of the who where they would display childrens artworks everyday?
Sorry if you don’t know what i’m talking about! I just want to remember!

Also, there was another show I want to remember… I don’t remember much about this one, all I remember is that in some shop there was a little green dollhouse or something of the sort sitting on one of the top shelves where these little, tiny elf like people lived, but no one knew they were there. They thought they were dolls or something! The elf things had red circles painted on their cheeks and really long skinny noses. Please help me… Sorry I don’t remember that much.

Thank you guys soooo much!
I wish I could remember the second one though.

richmama answers:

The first one is pappyland it felt like it was on only a few years ago

Michael asks…

What is your opinion on someone who calls another “white trash”?

A relative [non blood] got mad at her kids for watching this cop program which had some ppl involved w/criminal activity etc. Of course they were unsavory characters, though I’ve heard her using this term before “white trash” [her hatred was immense!] when she was talking to her son about someone he knew. He glanced around to see everyone’s reaction to such anger in her voice using that disgusting phrase again. Doesn’t sound as if she thinks she’s better than others overall?
She once acted as if what I did for living was somehow unworthy–I was all happy about this merchandising/sales rep job, and she stuck her nose up in the air as if she didn’t want to hear about. Also once she referred to me as a “manager” at the time when I OWNED/operated a cafe’. Another time she some how found out I was artistic, majored in commercial art and was very good at it. Guess MIL told her. So she suddenly displayed her artwork in an easel in the guest room we spent the night in during one visit , LOL !!! xD
Is she too much or what? GeeeeeeZzzz!!! Gee willikers, –never met anyone quite like this one, lol!! xD
I feel that a big part of green living is also cleaning up language when needed; changing habits that are like pollution to others ears.
My question is, is this individual a compassionate person in your eyes?

richmama answers:

Usually people like that are very frail people, that is on the inside, and they think by badmouthing others they themselves sounds tough and in charge of their own lives. Unfortunately the jealousy she shows towards you says otherwise.

They’re only full of bile because they feel insecure and not worthy. I only pity them for they know not what they do to themselves and what perception they create in the eyes of outsiders. They are small insignificant people best left alone to wallow in their own little mud-holes.

Unfortunately they rarely take advice so most of the time they’re so set in their misconceptions that they never change, and they die bitter and alone.

The only thing that really counts in life is how much respect you have for yourself and that is the picture you carry on your face, your attitude and your conversations. That is the deciding factor if the people around you are going to love you or leave you.

I wish you a lovely day.

Thomas asks…

Should my sister stop being like this and is it wrong of me?

My entire life I have always been degraded compared to my sister. My parents always liked her over the rest of us. She was always getting As and being the Asian child Asian parents always wanted. One time when she got a B, I got in trouble because it was supposedly my fault. I didn’t understand why, since I wasn’t getting that great of grades compared to her. I’m the second oldest, she the third with only a one year difference between us. I’m a slow learner so I need that extra time to learn.
My sister got to do a lot of stuff I always wanted to do throughout school, such as being in safety patrol back in 5th grade or being in the middle school chorus. Back then I use to only think the only thing I was good at was drawing. It was something I held very close and dear because I felt as though there was no one in the world who believed in what I loved doing. All I had was my love of drawing and myself. One day my father came in while my sister was drawing on a poster board for a project and my father told us that she could draw better than me. I was very upset. I thought I was at least better at something for once compared to her. I even started drawing before she did, so to be told that I sucked at what I loved doing really put me down. What hurt me the most about this is that I have shown my father my artwork before but he never seemed to compliment on them. I would ask him if he liked it and he would just give me a simple, “Uh-huh”. I struggled to find something I could be good at to make my parents proud, but never could. My sister just always managed to do something superior.
I am now 21. She is 20. She is a CNA. I am still taking classes at the college. I do not want to go into the medical field, like most Asian parents want their children to. I want to do something I love. I’m not saying I am not glad for my sister’s achievement, I am very proud of her. What I am not proud of is her attitude towards others.
My sister told our niece that her boyfriend, who had also attended the same college as my sister, was too stupid to become a nurse. I was outraged by this. Why are you going to tell someone they can’t do something just because you’re probably better than they are? The attitude she displays towards others disgusts me more than anything.
When we met one of my brother’s friends, she told us that we looked alike, but immediately my sister says, “No we don’t. You need glasses.” Why are you going to tell someone you just met something like that? No matter who tells us that we look alike, that is always her answer. Yeah, I agree she looks more beautiful and cute, which I don’t care much about, but is it necessary to say that to someone?
Another thing is she is not considerate towards others around her. We were at a friend’s restaurant and she got our cousin’s ipod out and started blasting J-Rock music as though there was no one else in there. When I told her her music was a bit too loud, all she said was, “So?”. I know it’s a friend’s restaurant, but there are OTHER people eating in there as well. Couldn’t she have just waited til we got out of the restaurant to blast the ipod?
I always hate how she has to be a smart alec (sp?). My mother asked her once why she was scratching her head at our cousins house and asked her if she had lice. It is not something new. She always asks if we have lice when we scratch our head, even when we were kids, but all my sister had to say was, “Its called having a dry scalp. Some people are so stupid.” in a very bitchy tone. First of all, we’re 20+. We’re grown up. There is no need to say that your own mother is stupid over something silly like that. I told her I had a problem with her saying that and all she said to me was, “Well, it’s the truth.”. I wouldn’t have half that much a problem over it if she didn’t add the “Some people are so stupid” part to it.
She’s ALWAYS calling everyone stupid or telling them they have no life. I asked her around Christmas time if she wanted to learn how to make origami stars and while I was trying to teach her, she told me I had no life because I knew how to do this.
How is she to judge me over stuff I enjoy doing? I love doing crafts. If you are not doing something super productive, like she always is, you are considered stupid or a no-lifer to her.
What I hate about her the most is how she changes when she moves from boyfriend to boyfriend. Her music interests change SO MUCH it’s like she can’t choose which music she likes herself. Last time it was country, this time it’s JROCK and NOTHING but Jrock. She considers all other music trash and will not have a conversation with you over what she calls “American crap”.
I have come across her Youtube channel where she lies that her hometown is “Kyoto, Japan”. Really now? We have never set foot in Japan.
Sometimes I just to smack her across the face and make her realize that not everyone is as smart and good at everything like she is.
Is it wrong of me to want to do this and tell her everything I hate about her?
I did say I was proud of her achievements and the fact that she is intelligent, but I will not respect her if she chooses not to respect others just because she is smarter than EVERYONE. My Aunt graduated from Graduate school last year. She’s super smart, but unlike my sister, she is caring and considerate of others. She does not FLAUNT her intelligence. That kind of intelligent person I can respect. Someone like my sister, no, I cannot find it in myself to do so. Sorry.

richmama answers:

I would read this but its waaayyy too long

John asks…

How do I go about changing my school’s dress code rules?

I’m aiming to alter the rules about facial piercing and unnatural hair coloring. They claim it’s best for “equality of students” and to keep kids from being distracted. In my opinion, if we want to be different, then we should be allowed to be. No matter what you wear, you’re never going to have an equal student body. Also, even if you did not have unique hair coloring, the student getting “distracted” would find another thing to be fascinated by. So how do I go about changing these? I was thinking an essay and a petition with at least 200 signatures (my school is new and does not have seniors yet) sent to the school board. What do you think? Oh, and if you can help me figure out what I can do to be different while under the dress code, hair-, piercing-, and clothing-wise.

Outer clothing which resembles lounge wear, pajamas, or underwear is prohibited.
Fads and styles in dress which differ extremely from conventionally accepted standards are prohibited.
Any clothing that is viewed as distracting because of extremes in style, fit, color, pattern, fabric, etc., shall not be permitted. Undergarments may not be exposed at any time.
Blouses/shirts should be constructed so that the top of the shoulder is covered and is fitted under the arms (no halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, or bare-shouldered tops of any type will be allowed). Blouses/shirts which expose any portion of the waist, hips, or midriff are not allowed. Blouses/shirts which are not appropriate for school include those which are low-cut, see-through, backless, or tube tops.
Clothing which is cut, slashed or has holes, is prohibited.
In accordance with board policy governing student conduct with regard to bullying, weapons, gangs, and drugs: clothing shall be free of inflammatory, suggestive, racial, or other inappropriate writing, advertisement, or artwork. This includes offensive words and designs, violence (blood, death, weapons), sex, playboy symbols, hate groups, tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol.
No clothing or other article may be worn or displayed which may indicate membership in a gang at school or any school function.
Pants, skirts, and dresses must be knee-length or longer, and must have a hem.
Shirts must be tucked in.
Nylon wind suits that fit appropriately are permitted.
Mesh, nylon, or athletic shorts are not permitted in the classroom. These type shorts may be worn during P.E. classes only.
Shoes/sandals must be worn at all times. Cleated shoes are prohibited inside the building. House/bedroom slippers are not acceptable.
Male students may not wear earrings; female students may wear earrings. Neither male nor female students may wear ornaments (jewelry) which pierce the skin such as the nose, lips, tongue, eyelid, etc.
Students may not wear hats, caps, bandannas, sunglasses, combs, picks, etc., inside the building.
Hair must be well groomed. Only conventional hair coloring will be permitted. Extreme hairstyles and fads that would interfere with the learning process, cause a disruption of the educational environment, or be a health or safety hazard are prohibited.
Well-groomed mustaches are permitted; goatees and beards are prohibited.
Due to variances in physical design of schools, principal’s discretion will apply to wearing of outer garments, coats, and jackets. Students may wear coats/winter garments to school, but may be asked to store them in their lockers during the school day. Students are encouraged to bring lightweight jackets to wear in the building as changes in weather dictate.

richmama answers:

Unless its a private school you cant do much. Sorry!

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