5 Amazing Running Tips For Beginners Revealed

Staying motivated is probably the hardest thing to do as a running newbie . In the following article I’ll be giving you my top 5 beginner running tips that have been integral to successes over the last year.

1. Make sure to set yourself proper realistic targets and goals . Use your target as motivation for your run, it could be run a marathon within 2 years or losing 2lb within a month it does not matter. Once you have completed your target set yourself a new one!

2. Proper running equipment is needed . I was temped to just stick with my 3 year old gym trainers, but without the ankle support of the correct running shoes you could end up injuring yourself. Buying new trainers is also a great motivation, you will find yourself wanting to try them out. Running and choosing the correct apparel is very important as comfort and focus could be compromised .

3. Invite a friend. Bring out your competitive streak by inviting a friend along, you’d be surprised at how much difference this can make . Don’t be scared to invite a friend that is a experienced runner than yourself, I guarantee that they will help you find a good pace. If you cannot find someone who is willing to run with you or you prefer to run alone, sign up to the many social runner websites that make it easy for you to challenge people that are of a similar level.

4. Start slow. When starting out you will probably need to ease your body into the routine, but no matter how experienced you are this step is always important . Start at a slow steady pace and hold it for at least 5 minutes, if you feel comfortable gradually speed up. You should never get out of breath but if you do start to struggle just lower your pace never stop or walk. Once you build up a little experience your correct pace will come naturally.

5. Make sure to give your injuries enough time to recover as an early return to running could result in worsening the injury . Many running related injuries are reoccurring which could put you back to square one if you are not very careful. To get back to full fitness after a lengthy time injured take a lot of small runs, and if you feel any signs of it coming back stop immediately.

I hope these running tips will help you achieve all of your running goals!