Plum – the Season's Hottest Makeup Shade

Allure Magazine has proclaimed plum the season’s hottest makeup shade and says it will work for everyone.  But will work for a HotMama?  Well in the natural world, there are over 500 varieties of plums, which means there must be nearly that many different shades.  So it seems like there should be a shade to flatter just about everyone, no?  At the same time it’s an awfully intense color so you might want to dip your toe in the plum pool, rather than plunging in headfirst.

The biggest hint when using the bold plum?  HotMama Secret – Pick one feature to emphasize in plum, or go all our with plum all over.  Since we know you’d never leave the house without your lipstick, try this plum pick – Maybelline’s New York Lipstick in Plum Paradise.