Your Questions About How To Live On A Tight Budget Uk

Chris asks…

how much does one person need to live in uk?

i mean all basic and min as pos as im on a tight budget till i get a job,i dont need to pay rent as im staying with friends so all i need to do is give her some money for water and electric? so food?,travel? maybe go out with mate 1 a week…..any help would be great,thanx
at the moment im living in spain i am moving to milton keynes x

richmama answers:

Double your expenditures here…thats how much you need.

I grew up in London…not a cheap place to live

Helen asks…

What are the current 2011 UK entitlements when having a baby?

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my first child, due in July and I will be beginning my statutory maternity leave in 8 weeks. My partner works full time earning 17K. I usually earn 13K and am worried that with SMP we are going to be living on a very tight budget! I have not been told what we are actually entitled to or how to go about applying for anything, so any advice would be appreciated!

richmama answers:

You will be entitled to child benefit, which is around £20 per week, and you can claim this as soon as you have your babies birth certificate. In addition you may be entitles to some sort of family tax credit, this is calculated on an individual basis.

This is a great website to visit for information on what you are entitled to and how to claim

Alternatively a visit to a Job Centre or Citizens Advise Bureau to speak to an advisor will give you more accurate information.

Betty asks…

Survivng 1 month in Japan on a very tight budget?

Hi everybody!!

I’m currently on my gap year and am going to Japan with my boyfriend on the 25th of January for a month..

Luckily for me my parents are paying for my air fare and I will have rented accomodation in Osaka (although trips to other cities and islands will incur additional accomodation costs). I will also buy my Japan Rail ticket before I leave the UK.

However, I only have a limited amount of money to play with (aprox £2000) while I’m over there…
How can I make the most of my visit with limited funds??

If you live in Japan, have travelled in Japan or just generally have some idea on how to budget while travelling please help!!!

Thank you in advance to all you kind people who have helped 🙂


richmama answers:

The rail pass will help you out for JR lines while you’re there, especially for the long distance trips by bullet train. However, when traveling around the city (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe), JR doesn’t have a huge presence so you will have to take private train lines and subways that you’ll have to pay yourself. That’s no problem…just avoid taking taxis if at all possible.

Other words of advice to stay cheap:

Stay at youth hostels when traveling.
Visit your local 100 yen shop (Daiso, 99Shop,etc.)…you can find a lot of stuff there you would never think of.
Eat lunch at cheap fast food places (Matsuya, Yoshinoya, Sukiya, even McDonald’s).
Buying groceries and cooking yourself to save money is a bit of a myth if you compare it to eating cheap meals at places like those.

Hope you have a good trip!

Sandra asks…

Budget for backpacking North America?

am backpacking the States for 6-8 months, and I am couch surfing most of it. This means I will be spending very little on accommodation which reduces my costs considerably, but how much will I need per month for extras? My main stops are Boston, New York, Fl, Texas and Cali.

I will probably only be taking one train journey a month, and will be going by Amtrak. I am used to living on a tight budget so don’t mind that but would like to splash out occasionally.

I have already bought my flights from the UK. I was told $1000 a month should be okay, but this doesn’t seem very much to me.

Thanks in advance!

richmama answers:

Rachel Ray would tell you that $40 a day US could cover everything except lodging.

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