A New Year’s Resolution: Fitness Regimes For Moms

Fitness Regimes For Moms

Fitness Regimes for Moms

Ah the New Year – time for those resolutions and goals.  Alas you’ve probably made them in the past and then watched at teh calendar turned to February and watched as all your good intentions flew out the window.   For many moms, losing weight and getting healthy are top New Year’s Resolutions – after all having kids can really pack on the pounds.  But as a mom, finding the time to commit to a fitness regime can prove to be challenging.  After all as chief chauffeur, referee, chef and problem solver, life can get pretty busy taking care of everyone but yourself.   So here are strategies that will help you design a fitness regime that will help you get healthy in 2011!

Start from the Beginning – You need a benchmark for you to track your progress against.  So weigh yourself, calculate your BMI and measure key parts – arms, hips, thighs and waist.  Write your measurements down and keep them where you can see them.

Find Things You Like to Do – there are many ways to get “fitness” in.  You can run, walk, ride a bike, take a fitness class at the gym, lift weights, do fitness dvds at home.  If you haven’t exercised in awhile you might not want to pick the highest intensity exercise, liking running, right away.  Walking is still a great way to get fit.  You should try and select a major and minor fitness activity.  For instance, walking may be your major activity in your regime, with a few workout dvds as an indoor back up.

Goal Set – You cannot lose 20 pounds in a week.  You shouldn’t even try to lose 5 or 10 pounds in a week.  It’s not healthy and can set a bad example for your kids.  After all, you probably didn’t gain those 10 pounds in a week. An aggressive fitness regime, paired with a healthy diet can help you safely lose 2 pounds a week.   But a better way is to focus on how often you workout and increasing its durations – pounds and inches will naturally follow.   So focus on doing more physical activity more often and reward yourself each time you kick it up a notch.  You might want to focus on frequency first – 4 or 5 times a week as a goal, and then work out increasing the length of your workout each time.

Find Unique Ways to Exercise – Use your time wisely.  Go for a walk during your lunch hour, get up earlier in the day, or reserve and hour before bedtime.  Perhaps you can squeeze in a workout while your kids are at a sport practice or a game.  If your kids nap or have “quiet” time, you can reserve this time for yourself to get in a workout on your exercise bike or treadmill.  Teach your family to respect your exercise time – after all being a healthy mama is a happy mama.

Reward Yourself – Committing to being a healthier HotMama in 2011 is doable – in fact this HotMama will be charting her progress publicly.  Be sure to reward yourself – it can be a skinny latte at your favorite coffee shop (ditch the biscotti), a new accessory like sunglasses, or a bag, every time you reach a new goal.  For me, the ultimate goal when I reach my new post baby fitness goal – a new wardrobe – I have slowly been accumulating my pocket money and gift cards for a shopping spree.

Have fun while you’re trying to get into shape. Your workouts don’t have to be weight training or workout classes. You can play a sport, go hiking or go dancing with a friend. Do what you enjoy and you’ll be more likely to start a fitness regimen you can stick with.

Tell us your favorite ways to stay fit in the comments below….