Your Questions About Children’s Books

Charles asks…

What’s the difference between JK Rowling’s Harry Potter ‘adult’ books and Harry Potter ‘children’ books?

I saw that she as written the Harry Potter books, like Prisoner of Azkiban, with a children’s version (which everyone knows) and an adult version. Whats the difference?

richmama answers:

It’s the same, with covers that appeal to different age groups. The kid covers are really colorful and everything, and have bigger font, while the adult versions have, like, one thing surrounded in black on the adult version.

Nancy asks…

Good Chinese Children’s Books?

I’m have a project to draw a book cover based on a book from my culture
and I want to do a children’s book

The problem is the only Chinese related book I know is The Joy Luck Club and that isn’t really a children’s book

richmama answers:

The Five Chinese Brothers- a chinese children’s book my mom used to read to me:)

Lizzie asks…

Children’s book about catfish/lanternfish?

When I was in middle school I read this book about a kid who tried really hard to catch this fish. I don’t remember the name of the fish but for some reason a picture of a catfish or a fish with a lantern on its head comes to mind. The fish was legendary or something so when he caught it, the fish dragged him into this like magic world. Does anyone know this book and its title?

richmama answers:

The Lampfish of Twill by Janet Taylor Lisle
(If the cover doesn’t look familiar, it has changed)

Sharon asks…

What are some children’s books dealing with home fires?

I need to collect a list of “good” children’s books that deal with house and home fires. In total, I need 5. These need to be appropriate for preschool to third graders, preferably picture books. The only two I have been able to find after numerous searches are “Smoky Night” and “A Chair for My Mother”.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate the help.

richmama answers:

I found several at Barnes & Noble. Hope this helps 🙂

“No dragons for tea: Fire safety for kids”

“Stop, Drop, and Roll: A Jessica Worries Book: Fire Safety”

“Arthur’s Fire Drill ”

“Fire Drill Practice at Luv-n-Hugs Day Care”

“Safety First!”

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