Buying Fragrance For Your Man

When it comes to the fragrance they wear, men can be just as fussy as women. The task of choosing a fragrance for your man can be daunting especially if the relationship is new and you don’t know each other really well.

Giving you a good hint to help you choose a new fragrance is the fragrance they’re currently wearing. Women have an advantage because some men think that showing interest in the fragrance you’re wearing is strange. Once you know that, you can ask the sales assistant to recommend fragrances of a similar type. Since men may discuss deodorant but not the brand of fragrance they use, friends won’t be much help here.

Your man’s lifestyle should also be considered. An outdoorsy, sporty and active man is likely to wear a different fragrance to a suit-and-tie kind of guy, and remember that men too have different preferences for day and night wear.

Don’t let advertising fool you. Just because you buy him a particular fragrance doesn’t mean he’s going to turn into a muscle-bound sweetie. He may also not like the image portrayed by the fragrance you’re about to buy him because he’s seen the adverts as well.

Your biggest problem in buying a fragrance for the man in your life will be if you don’t like the fragrance they currently use. In a relationship, buying something you like that he doesn’t may be taken the wrong or even be insulting. You can’t really tell them that you bought a new fragrance because you hate the one they’re wearing!

Some men wear the fragrance their mom bought them for Christmas every year or the same fragrance since they were teenagers. Because these guys need help, you can choose any fragrance you like. Don’t ask his mother for help unless you like what she’s been buying for him.

When buying a fragrance for yourself, think about the choices you make. You may not like floral scents, but find others are too heavy. Men tend to like fresh scents for day time, and something a little more exotic for night time, just like women. But if all else fails, get them a gift voucher and tell them it’s for a new fragrance.

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