Your Questions About Reading Books On Itunes

Steven asks…

How to read iTunes books on the computer?

I just bought a book on iTunes, thinking I would be able to read it on the computer – and when I click on it, nothing happens. Is there any way I can read it on the computer? Any programs I could open the file with to read it in Adobe, wordpad, etc?

It’s not a PDF file, it’s an .epub file.
Thanks, LostZilla! I hadn’t thought of that. I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions and it works great! 🙂

richmama answers:


I believe that is only possible through the iPad or iPhone using the iBooks.

Anyway, you can to search on the internet any program that it is possible to read file in format Epub.

Thanks you

Chris asks…

How do you read books on iTunes?

I’ve got an ipod chromatic so i know I wont be able to read it on that, so how do i just read it on itunes on the computer?

Please help, thanks

richmama answers:

You cant

Carol asks…

How do you read books bought on iTunes?

Hi there, How do you read books bought on iTunes? I bought one thinking I may be able to read it on Adobe Digital Editions software as it is an epub file. But it shows as blank

richmama answers:

Try this:

Sandy asks…

How to read books on Itunes?

I purchased a book and i can’t read it how do i open or read it?

richmama answers:

Ok judging by the fact that you mentioned read on itunes, I already know you are an old person who is clearly not very up to date, to say the least. Not that matters, so anyway, back to your question.

Yes, you can purchase books, but not on itunes…. On i books, and no, you cannot read the books on your pc or mac, when using ibooks, but rather on ipad or ipod. However, if using kindle books, yes, you can read books on both computer and handheld device (ipad, ipod, galaxy tab, kindle nook etc.)

Hope I helped, hope i inquired correctly when implying you were old. :p

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