How to Budget Money For Your Family

How to Budget Money for Your Family

How to budget for your family has always been a difficult task for Moms out there. However these days it seems harder and harder to make ends meet. With rising gas prices, unemployment and overall cost of living to consider, figuring out how to budget money for an entire month, or just a week, can be a challenge for many of us. Thankfully there is help out there. By searching online and going on family based message boards, Blogs and Facebook pages, you can find many wonderful money saving ideas and tips from Moms all over the country. Here are just a few money saving tips that can show you how to budget money for any size family.

How to Budget – Clipping Coupons

The recent success of reality TV shows focusing on extreme couponing has caused coupon clipping to become a new national pastime. But you don’t always have to resort to dumpster diving to find the best coupons for the products your family uses. Many useful and free coupon sites have evolved due to all the recent coupon mania, sites like Groupon give you exclusive info on deals in your specific area. There many more local coupon and discount sites available along with tons of Facebook pages dedicated to saving money with printable coupons and online promo codes. You can save money on everything from eating out to buying groceries to going to a special live event by visiting these pages.

The Sunday newspaper is also full of valuable coupons as it keeps up with the trend. In the past there may have been one or two leaflets with a handful of coupons tucked inside. And if you were lucky one of them may be for 50 cents off a bag of dog food or a similar purchase. These days the Sunday paper is loaded down with so many coupons that some convenience stores can no longer sell their papers out front due to so many people stealing newspapers, just for the coupons. I bought a Sunday paper last weekend for the first time in a while and couldn&39t believe how many coupons were inside, that were actually for items my family uses every day! My suggestion is to get up early and spend a couple bucks on a Sunday paper, you could end up cutting your grocery bill in half by doing so. There are also tons of ways to get extra coupons online by visiting coupon trading sites where people trade out coupons they don&39t use in order to receive coupons for items they do use.

How to Budget – Give the Store Brand Items a Try

They aren’t always as good as the named brand products, I will admit that. But many times I have found that the store brand foods & products taste or work just as good (if not better) than the pricey name brands. Some of the safer food items to test out based on my own experience would be canned food, loafs of bread, hamburger or hot dog buns, sliced cheese, frozen items like vegetables, french fries or boneless chicken breasts and pantry staples like flour, sugar and cornstarch.

When looking at how to budget for your family it makes sense to attack the largest expense you have the most control over – food.