Your Questions About Reading Terminal Market

Robert asks…

Which bus or train am I supposed to take if I want to go to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia PA?

Which Train for The Reading Terminal Market?
Oh my starting point would be East Falls

richmama answers:

Well if you are coming from the Intercity Bus Terminal in Reading, take a Bieber bus. The bus goes from the Intercity terminal to either 30th Street Station or JFK Blvd. Here’s their schedule.


James asks…

Best Day for the Reading Terminal Market?

I’ll be visiting philadelphia Wednesday through sunday. What is best day to visit the market. Also whats your favorite place to grab a bite to eat around the Liberty bell? They all seem a bit touristy.

richmama answers:

There are no bad days to visit the Reading Terminal Market. I have fun every time I go (I work in Center City and often meet friends there for lunch). Keep in mind, though, that the Pennsylvania Dutch places close early, so try to go around lunch time.

It’s no more “corporate” than anything else is these days – really much less.

I don’t usually eat down at the Liberty Bell area – sorry.

Nancy asks…

Is there parking at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA?

Driving up for the day and need to know. Saw a disturbing TV show about meter maids and peoples cars being towed. I hear it is very bad in Philadelphia.

richmama answers:

The Reading Terminal Market does not have it’s own parking facility. However, if you park at the garage at 12th and Filbert, and then spend $10 at a vendor in the market, that vendor can validate the ticket, and it will cost you $4 for up to 2 hours.

Donald asks…

What are some of your favorite merchants in Reading Terminal Market?

richmama answers:

Termini Bros.
Beiler’s Bakery
Bassett’s Ice Cream

Yeah. I’ve got a sweet tooth/….

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