Your Questions About Muffin Top Song

John asks…

Who sings this song I can’t get outta my head?

I haven’t been able to get this outta my head. Where can I get the album:

My muffin top is all that
Whole grain low fat
I know you want a piece of that
But I just wanna dance

Checkin out my sweet hips
My sugar coated berry lips
I know you want a piece of it
But I just wanna dance

richmama answers:

Its Muffin Top by 30 Rock 🙂

Paul asks…

Whose this new girly pop song guy whose making millions!?!?

People at work are talking about a kid with a muffin top whose becoming a millionaire IS THIS TRUE?!!??! should i grow my hair as well????? can people really get rich from it?

richmama answers:

Justin Bieber. Basically the 11-12 year old girls are obsessed with him even though he sounds exactly like a girl. Once he hits puberty and his voice drops his popularity will lessen, so don’t worry. And his hair, is just so weird, I’m not even going to comment about that 🙂

Donna asks…

30 Rock song/episode help?

What episode does Jenna sing “Muffin Top“?

richmama answers:

It was in an episode entitled “Jack-Tor,” which was the fifth episode of the first season.

Lisa asks…

Hip-Hop & Rap: What women do you find very hot and exotic by nationality besides the ones in the U.S.?

Especially if they’re mixed black and from the islands. Not too generalize or anything, women in America can look hot too, but I think the ones from the islands in the Caribbean, including the dark skin/tan/ and caramel toned women with the hair flowing down or natural are very exotic, their culture, language with more fit bodies like Jamaicans, Brazilians, Trinidadians, and some Afro-Latinas like me.

BQ: Do you love muffin tops on your women or it depends?,r:9,s:0

BQ: Which hip-hop & rap song makes you feel like you’re in a beach from around the world and relaxing in the water?
2nd answer. Hellz yeah dark latinas that’s what’s up <3 😀
Nationalities people, not races.
I <3 Puerto Rican girls! The nice and gorgeous ones though. I'm Dominican/Jamaican/Native-American.

richmama answers:


Afro-Latinas are sexy, and I also dig Jamaican chicks, and some Italians as well

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