Your Questions About Best Tacky Christmas

David asks…

What to get my best friend for christmas?!?

Might seem impersonal and a bit tacky asking, but to be quite honest I have no idea!
I’ve been best friends with HER for 3 years, and every year we always seem to get each other jewellery. But I don’t want to do that again, something new and different.
Ideas please:)

richmama answers:

I’m getting my best friend since kindergarten a camera, because she’s a photographer and needs one.

But maybe a scrapbook with stuff you did would be more personal. They tend to cost a lot. I made some, and the actual book was 15 dollars, scrapbook paper was 25 cent each and I needed like 50 of those, plus the stickers were like 5 dollars per little pack and I got the ones that popped up and stuff.
But it’ll be really cute.

Ummm, you can continue with the jewelry thing but instead get it personalized. My best friend got me a bracelet for my birthday that had “To my sista! Love Anna” on it. Because we’re so close its like we’re sisters. And I liked it a lot. They have deals on them so you could probably get one for less than 30 dollars.
Or if you have enough cash, you can get a best friends necklace. Like the ones that come in twos and each of you wear one, and have them engraved. I saw some really cute ones online while trying to figure out what to get my friend.

OR you could get a big stocking or basket and fill it with little stuff. I did this for another friend last year. I went to the dollar store and bought little things. I put candy, a stuffed animal, and just random stuff. One of things in it was one of those old fake glasses with a big nose and mustache. She lovedd that haha.

One other thing you could do was get personalized t-shirts or do splatter painting with her name or something.

Hope I helped!

Donna asks…

A funny, tacky present for my best friend?

My best friend and I have agreed that we are not spending a lot on each other for Christmas, But the presents we have to get must be as tasteless and tacky as possible.
Does anyone have any ideas??

richmama answers:

Get her a cheap barbie doll.

Jenny asks…

I have 4 days in New York at Christmas, what are the top things to do?

I will be in New York with my partner from 25th – 29th Dec, there is so much to do how do we fit in the best bits? we want a little tourism but noting too tacky, maybe a play (not a musical) or classical concert and maybe a museum, then somewhere nice to eat, and possibly some good places to wander around and just take it all in. We are staying between Central Park South and Times Sq. and have 3 full days 4 nights. Travelling from London. Thanks

richmama answers:

I just got back and If your a first timer I recommend buying a “city pass” and a 7 day unlimited ride card for the subway it’s called a metro card. With these two items you can go to the MOMA (modern art) lots of van gogh’s and picasso’s and other great stuff. The mueseum of natural history ( although i am not a big history buff) I found this a bit boring The Guggenhiem (art museum) A boat cruise around manhattan, And of course The empire state building. (definately go to the top the views are amazing. As far as wondering around goes you’ll have to choose the ares you are interested in. Central Park is Awesome, Midtown is realy cool too it has the rockafeller center, saint patricks cathedral, grand central station, Radio city music hall and times square.If your looking for something more bohemian try the walking tour of greenwhich village. (dinner at Tio PePe’s is a must, west 4th street just off the southwest corner of washington square.) The financial district is a neat thing to see although most of it will be closed you can still see the outside of the stock exchange and wall street, and visit ground zero. Although that looks like a construction site now. The Statue of Liberty is cool to look at but it is very time consuming and you can’t get into the crown anymore. Have a great time whatever you do and you will be pleasantly surprised how helpful and friendly everyone will be.

Sandy asks…

How can I hang lighted garland on mantle without electrical cord going all the way down the wall?

I want to put lighted garland on my mantle for Christmas. However, I do not know the best way to do it without having the ugly electrical cord hanging from the garland all the way to the bottom of the wall where the electrical outlet is. How do you do this without making it look tacky?

richmama answers:

Check if Home Depot or the like have battery powered outlets. Something you can plug into, that is battery powered, and doesn’t have a long cord.

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