Your Questions About Mother Daughter Book Club Book 5

Robert asks…

what book should i read next any help would be great?

books that i have read
#1 willow
#2 after
#3come back
#4 cutting
#5 scars
#6 13 reasons why
#7 before i fall
#8 the cookie club
#9 crash into me
#10 get well soon
#11living dead girl
#12 running with scissors
#13 speak
#14 because i am furniture

books that i sill need to read
#1 the book thief
#2 impossible
#3 bad girls don’t die
#4 million little pieces
#5 ghost girl
#6 girl interrupted
#7 before i die
#8 impulse
#9 i am my mother daughter
#10 touching spirit bear
#11 winter girls
#12 north of Beautiful
#13 the innocent man
#14 it is kind of a funny story
#15 into the wild
#16 night runner
#17 prophecy of the sisters
#18 the absolutely true diary of a part time indian
#19 a different life
#20 my sister’s keeper
#21 the glass castle
#22 city of bones
#23 city of ashes
#24 night
#25 dawn
#26 day
#27 they poured fire on us from the sky
#28 Chinese cinderella
#29 where the heart is
#30 the Iron witch
#31 define normal
#32 the baby merchant
#33 notes left behind
#34 child called it
#35 lost boy
#36 a man named dave
#37 help your self
#38 hanging on to max
#39 cut
#40 audrey wait
#41 choosing up sides
#42 a great and terrible beauty
#43 rebels angels
#44 the sweet far thing
#45 looking for alaska
#46 Delirium
#47 night shade
#48 grace-ling
#50 fire
#51 jelicoe road
#52 the Iron king
#53 the Iron daughter
#54 the iron queen
#55 the replacement

out of the bottom list witch book should i read next need a lot of answers than you

richmama answers:

The Book Thief is really good, I’d suggest that next. Or the Iron King/Daughter/Queen, it’s a series right? So whichever one is first. I haven’t read them, but one of my friends absolutely loves them

Lisa asks…

Can Someone read my ‘soon-to-be-book’ im writing?

Its called moving on. and its copyrighted i spent a semester writing it. id hate for someone to steal it. so i had to spend money. (:

PLEASE NO HATE MAIL,i know i have some spelling errors.(in comments: ill accept like, you should change___. or nice stuff.)

hope you like it.:


It’s July 17, 2006.
A young girl in her early teen years is having a summer of a lifetime.
She has no idea that her mom got a new job in Spokane, Washington. Now, she has to leave her humble town of
West Chester, PA and move to a bigger and urban city. Her name is Julia White.
She is about 5‘2″ Long dark brown layered hair. She also has Dark brown eyes as big as a deer.
(as she gets on the plane to go to Spokane, She relizes she has to make brand new friends. Which was harder for her now becasue she is moving across the country.)
Julia Called her bestfriend in the whole world, Trisha
“Hello?” trisha answers.
“Hey Girl, its me Julia. I have some bad news.” Julia tries to keep from people around her.
“Oh my gosh, what is it? Boy Drama?” Trisha asumes.
“No, Im moving across country to Spokane, Washington” Julia says, sounding as if she is crying roughly on the phone.
“Really, When!?!” Trisha yelled in sadness.
“Now, im at the airport with my mom, are plane just arrived. so I guess this is goodbye. I love you bestfriend.” Julia hung up.

(the plane takes off, they are on their way to washington.)

Chapter 1.
2 Months and 5 days later.

As she enters her new school, she notices a group of tall, snooby, cheerleaders pointing and laughing at her small, hour glass shaped body. Self-concise at all, she tries to make friends. So, she joins a book club. Hours go by and the bell rings knowing it’s time to go home. When she is walking home she sees a small group of maybe 2 or 3 girls she has met in her book club. Her name is Julia White.

“Hey, aren’t you in my book club?” Julia points out.
“Yeah, aren’t you Julia, the new girl? Anyways my name is Hannah ” She asked in wonder.
“My name is Ashley!” Said the tall, skinny girl right next to Hannah.
” So, you guys wanna be friends with me?” Julia asked anxiously.
“Sure!!!” Said Hannah and Ashley sounding very excitedly.
“Soo, do you wanna come over my house?” Said Ashley.
“What time is it anyways?”
“Okay, let me call my mom.” Julia pulls out her cellphone,a sidekick, with pink and blue rhinestones.
As the phone rings; She alarmingly sees the boy of her dreams .He has to be at least 5‘0″, Lightish darkish brown, Medium leghnth hair. And blue/green eyes. As she walks up to say hi, someone answers the phone.
“Hello, This Is Len’s Hotel .” Her mother‘s boss said angrily.
“Hi, is my mom there?” She says clearly and mysertious.
“what is you name young lady?” The man said in a loud affirmative voice.
“my name is Julia white, my mom’s name is Samantha Goldenfire.” Julia says in relive of some sort.
“Ooh, your the daughter she’s been bragging about, hold on, ill transfer you.” The Mom’s boss says in excitement.
(she is on hold for about 4-5 min. waiting for the answer.)
“Hello?” Samantha said.
“Hey Mom.” she pauses you about 5 sec. “Is it OK if i go to my new friend Ashley’s house?”
“Well, sure, why not?!” Samantha exclaims to Julia.
“Okay mom, I’ll be home around 9pm.” Julia prononces in excitement.
(page 1.)

(about a hour later, Julia arrived with Hannah at Ashley’s house)
“Hnnah, I’m not sure if I want to stay long now.” Julia seemed anxiously alarmed.
“Don’t worrry Julia!!, Her house is always fun.” Hannah tells her.

(ashley unlocks the door)

“Hey guys, come on in.” Ashley opened the door and waved her hand.
“Gesh, Ashley, your house is huge!!” Julia says in overwhelmed excitement.
“Yup, I know. My parents bought it from there friend who moved to Hawaii.” Ashleys tells it as if she has said it a million times.
“So, what do you guys wanna do?”

“Hey, umm, Remeber that guy who walked by us on our way here?” Julia asked.
“Ohh, you mean Seth Parkers?, yeah, he is another new kid and he is already popular!! He transfered from Florida.” Hannah exclaimed to Ashley & Julia.

“Why did he move to this crappy state?” Juulia sked in grief.
“I dont know, julia, but all I know is he is my boyfriend.” Exclaimed Ashley.

(a couple of hours go by as they talk about him, it is now around 8:30pm)

“Whoa, look at the time. I have to go home.” Julia points out.
“Well, okay, we had fun, right?” Asked ashley in dispite.
“Yeah, ill see you guys tomarow.!” Julia says in a sad, angry voice.

As Julia walks home she has alot on her mind. All about, Seth & Ashley dating, and Hannah. By the time she gets home, the door is unlocked. No one is there except for her 3 story house with he small, white pomeranian barking at thin air. She walks up her light brown carpted stairs up to her room. When she got to her room, she walked up to her desk in depression.
geez, im only like 13.

richmama answers:

Describe stuff more ur skipping scences TOO quickly and avoid using the word “also”, other than that its a nice start! GOOD LUCK :))))

Laura asks…

Joy Luck Club Questions?

Well, for homework, my teacher gave me these questions to answer. I did most of them but I need help on the rest? Here are the questions:

1. When and why was the Joy Luck Club formed? Why were the words “joy” and “luck” included in the name? What is the significance of these meetings?

2. The mother/daughter relationships in the book are complex. What do the mothers teach their daughters?

3. Discuss the differences between Chinese and American cultures with respect to social class, family structure, child-rearing, marriage and divorce.

4. Suyuan dies at the beginning of the book, and during the novel, Jing-Mei takes her place in several ways. Explain the ways in which she serves as her mother’s replacement.

5. Who do you think is the most likeable mother in the novel, and why? Who do you think is the most likeable daughter and why?

I would really appreciate it if you could answer any of the questions.

richmama answers:

Some of these are just opinion, but if you read the book you should have no problem answering.

John asks…

My son doesn’t want me to take him to a strip club for his 18th birthday; what’s wrong with him?

I’ve never understood my son. He just is so completely the opposite of me, it is hard for me to fathom. By the time I was 15 I was 6′ 2″ and bearded, hairy-chested, cussing, buying beer because I looked older, buying porn because I looked older, rough-housing it on the football field, and chasing every easy piece in sight. My son, 18 this weekend, is only 5‘ 8″, slight, doesn’t appear to have any facial hair at all, hates sports, and has shown absolutely no interest in girls. I asked him if he wanted my old porn mags to look at and he SAID NO! Can you believe it?! I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

I had a brief glimmer of hope when, last week, he came up to me, and stood there for a long time, not saying anything. He seemed nervous, and was staring at my beer, so I thought, “Okay, he wants a beer. FINALLY, something normal!” I thought he was just too shy to say it, so I said, “Son, your mother and sisters aren’t home, so if you want a beer go and get one.” He looked startled, and said, “No….I was just going to ask that if the can was empty, could I have it. I am saving cans to recycle so I can have money to get that new Dungeons & Dragons book….” Man! What a way to hurt a father! If there’s one thing I know, that Dungeons & Diaphragms stuff is guaranteed girl repellent!

The worst of all is that I told him for his birthday I’d like to take him to his first strip club, a man’s night out with his dad and the guys I work with down at the tattoo parlor. He got all embarrassed and said he’d rather just go out to eat somewhere. I said we could go eat before hitting the club, that was fine, but he said no, he’d rather go and eat and then maybe go to the movies to see “Twilight”. Holy crap! He’s already seen the damn thing four times! I am NOT going to see some fruity movie like that! My wife says to lay off of him, that she doesn’t want him growing up to be a pervert like me, but what do women know about raising sons?

I’m at a loss here. This kid has been such a disappointment to me. Hell, I can’t even talk him through his first shave, because there isn’t anything there! What in the world happened?! What is wrong with my son, and how can I get him to at least have normal interests? I’m so disgusted; right now he’s in his room, writing “poetry.” I think I’m going to go nuts. Instead of having a son, I feel like this kid is my oldest daughter.

richmama answers:

Who doesn’t want to watch porn with his 40 year old dad? What a f@g!

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