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Your Questions About Family Budget Planning

Maria asks…

Any budget family holiday plan for one month in london, blackburn and manchester?

planning a visit for a family of 3 to london, blackburn & manchester in june. any good input for sight seeing, where to stay, to enjoy & learn for a family with a15 year old boy & limited budget?

richmama answers:

This same question was asked a few days back.

Ruth asks…

How to market a personal financial planning and family budgeting, investing service on the net?


I want to offer a personal financial planning service for young families, covering analysis of present financial condition, budgeting, investment and insurance planning, retirement planning etc.

Would welcome suggestions on marketing this service on the internet and also other media. My client base will be in India.

Considering social networking sites, groups, blogs, twitter etc.

Marketing costs to be minimal, as this will be a very low fee service.

richmama answers:


Business & Finance

Paul asks…

I am planning a trip for my family this summer to Europe for 7 days. Is a $10,000 budget enough, exc. airfare?

Europe trip, budget, help planning,

richmama answers:

Well… I’m sixteen and going to Europe next year…I know the group will probably be about ten. The total amount for two weeks- all inclusive, is about $4500- thats for airfare, hotels, tours, dining, EVERYTHING. I can suggest going with a tour group (not teenagers though) because it is much cheaper, especially with a native tour guide if you can get one. My sister went last year (she’s eighteen) and really enjoyed it. Even if you don’t with a tour, I would think a $10,000 budget is plenty for seven days. Just remember to get prepaid Visa cards and Euros to pay for everything. (Ask at your bank for those.)

Laura asks…

Where’s an online site that helps plan a family budget?


richmama answers:

There are several good and helpful sites. Planning a family budget is VERY important. This will help you manage, avoid and/or eliminate debt and reduce friction points between spouses. Your immediate goal should be to establish an Emergency fund of at least $1,000 or more. That way you have the cash to pay for little emergencies instead of using credit cards. I hope you find these sites helpful.

Here are a few helpful sites.

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Your Questions About How Do I Get Out Of Debt Free

Chris asks…

How can I become debt free and more responsible in 09?

I am trying to start the new year off right. I want to get out of debt and become more responsible when paying may bills. I am in the process of paying of mybankruptcyy. Does any one have useful suggestions for me. Or a system that seems to work for them?

richmama answers:

The old tried and true…..

Unless you can pay cash for it… Dont buy it…

It will keep you out of debt, and save you a FORTUNE in finance charges…

Donna asks…

What or how is a best way to get out of complete debt?

I am at lest $20,000 dollars in debt. This includes credit card, payday loans, and a student loan. Yet! I‘m confused as to what is debt consolidation and how is works. I‘m disabled and on a monthly fixed income anyway. How does debt consolidation work? What are the pros and cons. What are my options at this point. Anybody got any suggestions-only serious and helpful answers are wanted. I just want to be debt free. Can anybody help me.

richmama answers:

You don’t mention a mortgage. Does that mean you don’t own a house? Honestly, if you own no assets and you are not working… No legitimate company is going to give you a consolidation loan right now.

The good news is, $20,000 is not that much debt, by today’s standards. It’s not impossible for you to just pay off this debt if you seriously reduce your other costs. Take a good look at your expenses and cut, cut, cut. Maybe you need to take in a roommate or cut the satellite tv. Every penny you can save, you put it toward debt reduction.

Which loan has the highest interest rate? The payday loan, I’m guessing. Continue to make minimum payments on the credit card and student loan, but throw all your extra money toward the payday loan and get it paid off first.

Once you pay off that loan, dedicate all the money you were paying toward the payday loan and start paying down your credit card. You will start to see those balances go down.

Michael asks…

How can I get out of my £115 debt?

I have a written contract with a company that takes £17 a month from my bank account and because my bank account is overdrawn the company keeps charging me. My debt is slowly sprialling out of control, I cannot find a job, Please Help what can I do to be in the debt free zone again??

richmama answers:

Can you toss this contract or end the service? It seems to be at the heart of your troubles.

Donald asks…

Tips on starting a debt free life?

hey, i‘m 16, and i‘m going to be looking for my first job soon. and i‘ve seen how hard its been for my parents with debt. and I know that many people live with debt. so I want to live as debt free as possible.

What are key rules that you would say are essential for having a debt free life? Also, if you are in debt, what are the best strategies to do to get out of debt?

hmmmm…emergency fund? that sounds like a great idea!

richmama answers:

Don’t have a debt free life because you are afraid of debt. Debt is a tool. It must be used wisely. You would not use a blender to hit nails into floorboards. You would use a hammer. Debt is like a blender. It’s good for one or two things, but not everything. Use it wisely, and you will benefit greatly.

Firstly, you should save at least 10% of your income. Firstly, this should go towards an emergency fund, which, when you’re an old boring grown up like me, stops you resorting to credit cards and personal loans in emergencies. After you have a few hundred in the emergency fund, it’s time to start investing. Don’t be afraid of investing. You should go to the library and get some books out on personal finance. At 16, you’re smart enough to understand them. And talk to your parents. They will firstly be thrilled that you’re so mature, and secondly, they might be able to give you some advice or help you start investing.

You should have a bank account for savings. When you get some cash together to invest, your first stop should be a term deposit at the bank. For small amounts, this is the best. It will give you terrible interest, but better interest than what you’ll get on a normal account. It locks the money away. I’d lock it away in blocks of $100, so if you do need it, you only have to cancel one term deposit (which means you lose the interest) and you still earn interest on the others. When you have a few thousand, you can start investing in mutual or managed funds. Go to your bank and see if they have a financial planner you can talk to once you’ve saved a few thousand dollars. They can help you invest it wisely.

Use debt to only buy things that increase in value. For example, houses, and perhaps, if you’re very careful, good quality shares. Never buy anything else with debt. Never buy cars with debt. That is for morons. Save up and buy a car. Debt can be dangerous.

While I say that, it can be useful to have a credit rating. When you’re 18, apply for one credit card. Never apply for multiple cards if you’ve been turned down. Every time you apply for a credit card, it goes on your credit history and makes it look worse. So get one card, after you’ve shopped around to find the best one for you. Use it to buy one predictable expense a week, like groceries or fuel for your car. Then, repay it as soon as possible, with an extra dollar, so that the lenders know you’re a good risk. That will give you a great credit rating, so when you’re ready to buy a house, you’ll get a good rate on your home loan and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Don’t be afraid of debt. But don’t be blase with it either. If you buy a house, save at least 20% of the purchase price as down payment, and some extra for costs like building and pest inspections, taxes, etc. When borrowing for a house, a big deposit gives you ‘instant equity’, so you own more of the house, have less to repay, and can repay it faster. The faster you repay a debt, the less interest you pay, which saves your money.

I started at your age. I invested $6000. Ten years later, it was worth $18 000. Instant house deposit. With some other savings I had, we had a 30% downpayment. We are paying our homeloan off in 5 years, which will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. It is saving us at least the same amount we paid for the house. If you pay a mortgage out to the 25 years, you pay mostly interest. You normally pay double what you have borrowed over the term of the loan. But if you repay it fast, the money doesn’t sit there and earn interest for the bank. You cheat the bank out of their interest. Better in your pocket than theirs.

If you do find yourself in debt, pay it off as fast as possible so the banks don’t make money out of you. If you have lots of debts, find out all the interest rates, and make the highest interest rate debt the priority. It needs to be paid off first, while you make minimum repayments on the others. When the highest rate debt is cleared, move that money onto the second highest, and keep doing this until you’re debt free. That is the cheapest and quickest way to clear your debts.

I’m an Australian. Our Tax Office LOVES people investing their money. If you buy shares, often the business has already paid tax on those share earnings, so when you get your earnings, you get a tax credit. It’s great. So do some reading at your library on what sorts of investments there are, and what kinds of debt there are, and then you’ll be well armed to be an adult. Don’t worry about the hard stuff like tax breaks. Just learn about the different things you can invest in, and try some. Mutual funds (managed funds in Australia) are good for beginners, because they spread your risk over lots of companies and asset classes. You can usually start with a few thousand dollars.

If you’re an Australian, the best book I can recommend is “The Barefoot Investor” by Scott Pa

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Your Questions About How To Pay Off Mortgage Faster

Mandy asks…

Paying off your mortgage faster.?

I have been researching how to pay off my 30 year fixed mortgage faster. I have found a lot of information on paying one extra principal payment a year. what if I were to make four extra payments a year? Would I get close to a 10 year payoff?

richmama answers:

Depends on the interest rate and the term left in the loan.

Daniel asks…

how can i pay off my mortgage fast without changing any of my current spending habits?

I have been looking into this HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)plan. Which is: You open a HELOC, which is a revolving account that comes with a debit card and a book of checks. Say your home is worth 80,000 and your current balance is 75,000. Well, you can get a HELOC of 5,000. You dont spend this money. You just leave it where it is. This is where it gets interesting. When you get paid you start using this HELOC account as your checking account. Say you get paid 2500 every 2 wks. When you make your deposit of 2500. Your daily periodic balance that you will be charged interest on is going to be 72,500. As you pay your bills and living expences for that 2 wk period you may only have 500 dollars of the 2500 you put in. This will leave you principle at 74,500 for the remainder of the 14 days of intrst . You get paid again. Put another 2500 in this account. You again leave 500 in, and you make a house payment of 700. Which has been in the account the entire time anyway. Will this work?

richmama answers:

The HELOC usually has a much higher interest rate than your mortgage- around 8% or so…

Instead try taking any extra money that you have and putting it into a mutual fund… Over time it should grow at a faster % rate than your mortgage interest rate, so you should be able to pay it off earlier than if you’d just sent those extra monies in on the mortgage right away.

John asks…

Is it really possible to pay off my 30-year fixed rate mortgage in 5-7 years?

I saw a so-called expert on a news broadcast this morning who said people in Australia and Europe have discovered a way to leverage their debt and finances in order to pay off their home mortgages at a faster rate without changing their monthly payments. How is this possible? It was quickly suggested that a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) was the secret, but what does getting more debt have to do with eliminating debt?

richmama answers:

Yes, it’s possible. But it may not be advisable.

A HELOC is the secret. Without getting into the details, you’re not borrowing more money. You’re using the HELOC like a checking account, shifting money (from your paycheck into it), then paying the mortgage out of it. And the sophisticated software that you pay for also tells you when to make additional contributions.

The systems I’ve seen cost something like $3,500. The argument is that you’ll save that much in interest in the first year. And maybe you will. But it is expensive up front. The only real requirement (other than perhaps your ability to obtain a HELOC in today’s credit environment) is that you have a monthly positive cash flow…that your income is exceeding your expenses. The numbers don’t work if you’re going into debt every month.

You can accomplish something sort of similar–not as efficiently–by making extra principal payments on your mortgage every month. Like I said, the program I’m familiar with is a lot more efficient, but it’s pricey.

Hope that helps.

Paul asks…

pay off mortgage tips?

i have two mortgages on is in foreclose and the other one isnt how can i pay off my mortgage that is not on foreclose faster and will it affected me if i have one of foreclose. will the forecloser company get after me for not pay that one and paying of the other mortgage. and i also dont want the house that is on foreclose any more because i owe more than what the house is worth currently trying to sell that house. what do you recommend

richmama answers:

Your question is very confusing and not clear… But here we go anyway!

It sounds like you own two houses and have two mortgages (one mortgage on each house). One of those mortgages is in foreclosure (for a house you no longer want because you owe more than it’s worth). The other mortgage is current (in the house you are living in and want to keep).

Mortgages, in general, are secured debt. They are secured by the house that you bought with the mortgage. It is not standard to have any further rights in a mortgage than foreclosure (it can happen, though). About the only way they can come after you is if they can prove that you were trying to cheat them when you got that mortgage (fraud).

If you let the house go to foreclosure, your credit will be absolutely trashed for several years. You might want to see if you can negotiate a short sale on that house (with that lender). A short sale won’t trash your credit like the foreclosure would.

I recommend a short sale on the property you don’t want.

Make an extra payment per year on the one you want to keep and pay it off up to 8 years early.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Halloween History For Kids Story

John asks…

B&A readers/writers. What do you think?

I usually never write “simple” stories or “kid” stories and instead try to go for deeper or more mature ideas. I tried this out last night, just for a change. I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s worth pursuing, so I’m posting in on here, to get some rockin B&A feedback 🙂 Let me know what you think!


The Daily Adventures of Danny Ratsmith
Day 1 – The First Sight

It was a little sad that the first thing Danny Ratsmith saw when he looked into his future, was that he was going to lose the ability to see into the future.

Not forever, of course, but after that first day, it would be many years until he would wake up with The Sight again. The Sight would be the rarest of his powers, and his most dangerous one, but it was the first power that Danny ever had.

The day Danny got The Sight was a muddy Saturday, and it started with his nose bleeding. It wasn’t like when you pick it and notice the boogers are a little red. No, It was gushing, for absolutely no reason at all. Well, there was a reason, but not one that Danny knew about yet.

“Doesn’t anyone have freakin’ tissues?” Melanie Spark, the pony-tailed tomboy who lived three houses away from Danny, was trying her hardest to keep from being stuck taking him home. They were in the middle of a perfectly good game of War, and she was still alive and throwing plastic baseball bat grenades, despite being the only girl playing and, therefore, the favorite target.

Nobody had any freakin’ tissues, so Melanie was chosen as the escort.

“You stink, Ratsmith.” She said it so often it hardly meant anything anymore.

They walked together to the end of the cul-de-sac and it started to sprinkle a bit. Danny’s yellow soccer shirt was covered with blood, it looked like something you’d buy at a Halloween store. He was so lightheaded that he started caring more about what he was going to be for Halloween and less about stopping the blood coming from his face. What would he be for Halloween? Something like a cross between a zombie and a Twinkie was trying to form itself into a costume idea. Danny felt excited, like when this idea figured itself out, it would be the best costume anyone had ever thought of in the history of Halloween.

That’s when he passed out.

When he woke up in the middle of a bloody mud puddle, he saw Melanie and his mother standing over him. Except… Melanie was old. There were wrinkles around her dark brown eyes, and a grey streak through her dark brown hair. She wore all white, like a doctor’s outfit, and a silver necklace with three little charms dangling from it that looked like people. What were those supposed to be? Her kids? No way. Melanie Spark was never getting married and never having babies. At least, that’s what she always told the boys.

Danny blinked. Old Melanie was mouthing a word at him, but he couldn’t understand it.

“What?” he asked. She shook her head, then said it again through soundless lips. Something that started with a “P”… Or an “M”… Pouncer? Mouser? Power?

In that instant, the Sight was gone, and Melanie was back to normal.

“Did I just see the future?” Danny accidentally said it out loud, which made his mother call an ambulance.

As they waited and his mother told him to lay on his side to keep the blood from doing down his throat, Danny closed his eyes and tried to see the future again.

It worked. Behind his closed lids, he saw himself losing the power to see into the future, which was kind of disappointing, when it comes to things you hope to see when you look into the future. But he also saw something else. He saw himself waking up the next day with a new, different power. And then he’d lose that one too, and wake up with a new power the day after that. He didn’t know what the powers would be, but if what he was seeing was true, he was about to become the most important 10 year-old the town had ever seen.

That is, once the paramedics figured out what to do about his bleeding nose…

richmama answers:

I think it’s definitely worth pursuing; it’s an interesting set up and the writing is quirky in a good way; however, if this is the very beginning maybe include some more details about Danny so the reader cares enough to keep reading. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

Thomas asks…

What is this movie called?

A while back I watched this movie at my dad’s house (about 10 years ago), and now I can’t remember what it was called. To start, it wasn’t a regular kind of movie; in fact, it probably isn’t very well known at all. It was…almost like an educational movie or something about Halloween. Only, instead of it only going through the general “this is the history” kind of thing, it actually had a plot line.

Basically, there were these friends who were going to go trick-or-treating, and they were going to stop to pick up their friend who apparently knew all the good spots to go to. However, when they got to the kid’s house, there was an ambulance parked out front (apparently something had happened to the kid). Suddenly, the friend they had come to pick up darts out from the house and down the road. Thinking he’s going to show them some great place, they all follow him (ignoring the ambulance for some reason). When they come to the end of the road, they see this huge mansion with a giant tree full of pumpkins. The kid they followed is up in the tree, where he seems to have picked one of the…er, tree pumpkins. The guy that owns the mansion suddenly bursts out, yelling at the kid to put the pumpkin down, but he…he either runs away or flies away or something, because the guy doesn’t get him.

Now, the rest of the story is this group of kids and the old guy flying through time and other cultures to a) chase down the mysterious kid and b) learn about Halloween. I remember that in the end the kids figure out their friend is either dead or dying (hence the ambulance), so to ultimately save him, they sacrifice their lives/souls in the form of candy skulls to bring him back. Then everything goes back to normal, the old guy is happy, and the end scene has the ghost kid with the pumpkin he took in his window.

I can remember all this, but I just can’t remember what the movie is called. It’s ridiculous! I know it’s not one of those awesome feature length movies that most people watch (including me), but I really kind of want to see it again simply because the plot line was so…weird. xD;; If anyone can recall the name, I’ll be estatic.

Also, don’t reply with “look on youtube” because it’s rather hard to search for a video without knowing the title, if you know what I mean.

richmama answers:

The Halloween Tree (1993)
IMDb review:
Children go out to trick-or-treat, less one member of the gang, known as Pipkin. A house they visit looks very spooky and has in its yard a tree festooned with Jack O’Lanterns. They meet the mysterious Mr. Moundshroud (voice of Leonard Nimoy). The strange grownup introduces them to various Halloween traditions, taking them on trips through time and space. They learn that Pip, who has been taken to the hospital, could be in danger of dying, making their quest more urgent. Ray Bradbury, who wrote the original story, is the narrator.
Here’s Part 1 on YouTube:

Paul asks…

Can any of you actually see Guardian Angels?

I’ve always been interested in these things. It was Halloween one day when i was in 7th grade. My history teacher Told us a long story abou this son seeing guardian angels. He took the whole period telling us! My teacher is around 60 and his son is now, i believe, around 20-30 or so. He told us that when his son was around 7 he would always catch him talking by himself. So one time he asked him who he was talking to. The kid told him that with his guardian angel. My teacher “Mr. N” [not using real names] decided to forget about it thinking he would stop having that “imaginary friend”. So, when his son got older like around 12, he kept on doing the same thing. So Mr. N decided to ask him again why he would talk alone. His son told him that he’s lived with the guardian angel his whole life. So he forgot about it. Ignoring it. When his son turned 17 he would still talk alone with his “guardian angel” so my teacher didn’t think he was lying after all. He had a long talk with him that day. His son explained to him how his angel is really nice. That it’s been with him everywhere. And that he’s used to it. Mr. N asked him since when he’s been talking to his “guardian angel” and he told him that he doesn’t remember but he said since a long time ago. His son also told him that he could see other people’s guardian angels. So Mr. N decided to ask him what angels he had. And he said that some people could see more. but that he could only see 2. So Mr. N asked him how they looked and his son told him that their was an old guy that their was something wrong with him. So he asked him what and he told him that their was something wrong with his eyes. He said that he was blind from one eye. and from the other he was already going blind also. Mr. N asked him how old he looked and he said aroung 80. Then my teacher thought and remembered he had a grandpa that was blind from one eye and going blind from the other. and that he was around that age. So he got scared and asked him about the other one. He said it was a women. Around her 20’s or 30’s. She had long blonde hair and was tall and thin. Mr. N never knew anybody that looked like that. My teacher freaked out. His son also told him that when he goes to places he see’s everybody elses guardian angels. He said that some people have the denom inside of them and that he only sees a dark black shadow besides them. Mr. N went to a proffesional that could communicate with guardian angels. The lady started talking to his angels. Later my teacher asked her how they looked and she described them exaclty how his son did. The lady also described this other person i can’t remember. but the son couldn’t see that guardian angel. he only saw the other Two. After, my teacher believed his son. He told us that a couple of years ago he was telling his class that exact thing he told us. and all of sudden when he was nearly finishing a girl in that class started crying. He took her outside and asked her what was wrong. the girl told her that She tought she would never find anyone that would believe her. And so she found that teacher and his son. So any of you see guardian angels? they say only kids could. But my teacher’s son is old! and old enough to have an imaginary friend. So he really does talk right now still to his guardian angel. Or do you know anyone that communicates with them? Im curious about all these things. It makes me wonder. At some point i wanted to actually be able to communicate with MY guardian angel. I would really love to be able to do that.

Thanks for those who answer and God bless you.

richmama answers:

I have never been able to see mine like to just look at them, I see them in dreams but did not know who they were until I recently got interested in Mediums and psychics which is another story but I had a psychic draw a picture of my spiritual guide and describe my guardian angels. My spiritual guide turned out to be this little old lady who lived next door when I was very young. I used to run next door every time I saw her out and climb in her swing and spend hours listening to her stories and I called her “Gammy” I was like two and she was like eighty. She once told me if she had to leave she would always be with me and I cried when the psychic showed me the picture and he had drawn and he had written “Gammy” at the bottom. He described my favorite Uncle as one of my Guardian Angels and I knew he was for real because he told me the angel told him to tell me he always knocked on our window with his keys when he visited when I was a child. One was an oriental man and I had no idea who it might be until I was telling my mother about what the psychic said and she told me about an elderly oriental man who worked for my parents when i was a baby and he would always tell my Mother I was in spirit his baby. The third was a Native American man. I vaguely remembered him again from my childhood. We vacationed yearly in Arizona or New Mexico and this man lived on a reservation in Arizona and he had made me a beautiful turqoise necklace with a symbol which meant something to the effect of Child of my family. I still have the necklace and was very touched that these people had chosen to watch over me. I have seen them all in my dreams. It is said and I believe it that if you say out loud before you go to bed at night, I wish to see my Guardian Angel in my dreams you will see them and after you see them in your dreams if you talk to them you will hear them and eventually see them. All children are born with this ability but usually their parents tell them it is their imagination so they quit believeing and their Guardian Angels quit showing themselves until a person comes to a spiritual place in their lives where they believe again.

Betty asks…

Why would my friends be afraid to go to the bathroom?

Well you see,a few weeks or months ago me and my friends were talking about bm (bloody mary) and one of my friends went into the bathroom and said her name three times with the lights out and she got slashed.She has a scar now.I don’t believe them.Well my friends are no afraid to go to the bathroom and I said is it about bm (bloody mary)? And they said no I’m just afraid to go in the bath room.I think it was because of bm (bloody mary) I heard about this on line.

September 24, 2007
My own story finally comes out:)

I feel like it’s time to talk about my own “Bloody Mary” experience. It almost seems like too much of a build up, but here goes: I was ten years old and my friend and I were having a sleep over. After gossiping about every boy in school, we got bored, and we started talking about our favorite horror movies. When that got us thoroughly freaked, we tried to come up with things we could do that would freak us out more. I would pretend I could hear someone knocking on the door on my back patio. (my whole back yard was forest, so this was particularly creepy) My friend kept on pretending she’d hear someone coming down the stairs (my bedroom was on the bottom floor of my house, so being in the basement, pretending someone was coming down the stairs, was really scary even if it sounds silly) Then I remembered Bloody Mary and we both squealed appropriately and I got the candles. Of course, the candles were actually fake, my parents wouldn’t trust me with real fire in my room, but even the fake ones served their purpose. We went into the bathroom and switched on the candles. I decided to be the brave one and I spun in circles a little more than three times, but we were giggling at this point, so the dizzier the better. We both went to the mirror, and I said, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. I couldn’t focus, I was so dizzy, so I asked my friend if she saw anything. She said no. And then…in the reflection of the mirror we both saw the window that faced my backyard, and there, staring at us from outside, was a girl with her hands plastered on the window, her mouth was open like she was screaming. We screamed and ran as fast as we could up the stairs to my parent’s room, waking them up and quite frankly, pissing them off. But we wanted my dad to go check it out. When he went down there, there was no girl, no nothing. We didn’t sleep a wink that night and to be honest I didn’t sleep for a week after, I kept the curtains down and put earplugs in my ears. But that moment has stuck with me forever.
Posted by rubloodymary at 11:56 AM 9 comments
Friday, September 14, 2007
More juicy stories…

Okay, I found another link to more stories. Some of these are pretty tough to swallow, but some of them I have to wonder… The Newport, MI story is just sad. Bloody Mary or not, the kid died. How many others have had similar experiences? Maybe getting yourself all worked up about something can freak you out to the point of death. I think people can scare themselves to death. It just shows how powerful of a weapon fear is. If Bloody Mary does exist all she’d have to do is show up in the mirror, that would be enough for most to make them run screaming. I would think it might even be a little fun for her : ) Enjoy the stories, I did! Check them out via the links page on

Posted by rubloodymary at 10:55 AM 1 comments
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Bloody Mary’s bloody history

Some cool extra info that will most definitely be in my paper: A couple of namesakes, one being the most obvious, Queen Mary Tudor (or Mary Queen of Scots, most commonly known), who had almost 300 religious dissenters executed after she changed England’s religion to Roman Catholicism (this didn’t last btw Queen Elizabeth (her successor immediately reversed this once she came into power) But history lesson aside, this is how she got the name, Bloody Mary. There is a DC comic superhero called Bloody Mary, she was pretty bad ass, she was a vampire that used a flying disk ala Green Goblin and can manipulate her enemies by projecting rays from her eyes, and telekinesis to boot. And who can forget Bloody Mary from the musical South Pacific (I can) I hated that movie, but she was a character all the same. But most importantly (to college students anyway) is the drink, V-8 and vodka, yuck. So, just finding the roots of the name Bloody Mary has been interesting. What I still need to find out is how it became a game girls play at slumber parties? From Mary Queen of Scots to mirrors in the dark, quite a leap. The name that comes up the most for the “slumber party” version and the topic of my paper, is Mary Worth. Most of the legends say she was accused of killing her kids and anyone that says her name she thinks of as her accuser and will scratch your face off. How lovely. Some say she was a young girl who was killed by being buried alive and is now out fo

richmama answers:

I don’t know maybe she’s afraid to admit it.
Or is she afraid to use bathrooms everywhere?
Because I usually don’t like going to the bathroom at my friends house XD It’s weird.

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