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How to Relax for Free


Do You Need to Hit the Spa to Relax?

Everyone, especially moms need, to relax now and then.  If we don’t, you know what happens!  A stress-filled mama!  Which means an unhappy family – and the possibility that you could even get sick.  But how to relax? Well there are many relaxation ways out there to relax that are free.

Here are some simple ways to relax – that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Exercise a Little. A great way to exercise is a little light exercise.  This can mean going for a walk around the neighborhood or playing a low impact sport. Exercise has been known to help the body relax and engaging in non-intense exercise will help your mind to unwind as well.

2. Learn How to Meditate. Taking up meditation is one of the most relaxing activities you can engage in for free. it’s simple  – sit in silence and focus on your breathing.  Quiet your mind. When negative thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and then let them go. Try doing this for 30 minutes each day.

3. Rest. Learn bow to catnap.  You can feel very relaxed after a short 15 minute snooze. You don’t even need to completely fall asleep to enjoy this activity.

4. talk it out. Find a friend and have a chat.  Chances are you have one of those friends that you can chat with as if no time has gone by since you last talked. Old friends usually provide great opportunities to talk about the good old days.

5. Change Your Mood With Music Grab the MP3 player and listen to some great tunes. Pick out a group of songs that you find especially relaxing. Classical and other light songs usually work best.

6.Open a Book. Go check out a new book from the local library and start reading. It may even be a fun activity to read one of your favorite books over again.

7. Dust off the Tub. Take a hot bath or shower. If you’re taking a bath, add in bubble bath soap, play some classical music, and remember to turn off your phone ringer.  Even ten minutes in the tub can radically change your mood.  This is a simple way to have some peaceful time just for you.

8. Go For Some Family Time. When was the last time you played your favorite board game? Dust off the old Monopoly or Scrabble, prepare some snacks, and play a few games with your family. It’ll be fun for all!

9. Daydream. Daydreaming isn’t just for kids. Let your mind wander and dream. Escape to where you’d like to travel one day. Think about what your life will be like in the next 5, 10, or 15 years and write these thoughts down in a journal for you to read later.

Endless Possibilities

Really there are endless ways to relax.  None of them need to involved a costly trip to the spa or a trip to the Caribbean.  Use these 9 simple How to Relax techniques and you’ll be well on your way to being a cool HotMama.

Tell us – what’s your favorite way to relax?

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Top 10 Prosperity Quotes and Affirmations

Prosperity is a bout more than money.  You need to focus your mind on prosperity in order to attract it and recognize it when we see it.  These prosperity quotes and affirmations will open your mind to the idea of wealth and allow you to attract prosperity in your life than with hard work alone.

Here are 10 of the top prosperity quotes and positive affirmations you can work into your day to make your life more abundant, prosperous, and joyful.

1. “My higher self is guiding me in the right direction.”

Let the universe guide you to what you’re calling is.   Trust your instincts to guide you along the right path to your prosperity.

* Tip: If you come across any passages in books that seem to leap out at you, memorize them or write them down to read over again; these are likely messages you were meant to read.

2. “I am discovering the purpose for my life.”

The only joyful life is the purpose-driven life. Aimlessness is not a recipe for a happy life.   You must feel that you have a reason for being, you will feel fulfilled and your life will be beneficial to others.

* Tip: This road to discovery is often long and winding, and it may take you on adventures that you often can’t predict.

3. “I know my mission.”

What is your mission? Discover it and write it down concisely. Use visualization techniques so you can accomplish your mission on a daily basis.   Don’t expect your mission to be easy, instead, expect yourself to be strong in completing it.

* Tip: You mission will grow and change as you grow and change.

4. “I sit at the feet of the great masters.”

Learn from those who have gone before you, those who have already struggled, those who have already overcome, those who have already achieved, or those who already have fulfilled similar desires to yours. You don’t have to figure out everything for yourself.

* Tip: Learn something new everyday! Rather than reinventing the wheel, find a mentor who can help guide you to something better in life.

5. “I am managing my time well.”
Time management will allow you to feel purposeful and on mission.

* Tip: Spend your time doing things that will make you money, bring you personal fulfillment, or otherwise make you the success you want to be. Don’t be sidetracked by frivolous things.

6. “My goals are written down.”

Writing down your goals – and rewriting them every day will move you faster than you ever thought possible towards your ideal future.  You have to internalize your goals so they flow through your life and inform your every action.

*Tip” Goals are important on your path to success. Each goal builds upon the last. Goals are allowed to change as you change.

7. “I cut out the excesses from my life.”

Keep your life simple. Stop flying off after the next adventure, the next romance, or the next “big thing.” Forget about partying, instead, stick with your schedule and stay intent upon your goals and your mission.

* Tip: Enjoy simple pleasures and find the greatest pleasure in meeting your goals. Let achievement be the greatest reward.  Let material rewards be sporadic.

8. “I know how to use my time creatively.”

There has to be time for recreation and for the things you love to do. Re-charge your mind and spirit to keep up your strength.

* Tip: A life of prosperity includes making time for creativity.

9. “Measure Your Progress.”

Know where you want to go.  Break it down into smaller steps – and track your progress.  If you want to lose 20 pounds track very pound lost…

*Tip: Tracking your progress is important to see how far you’ve come toward reaching your goals.

10. “I get things done.”

Doers get things done.  Take action

*Tip: Focus on the important things.  The ones that will make you money, make you happier or make you healthier.

Use these prosperity quotes and affirmations to guide you to greater success and wealth.  Hard work helps, but harnessing the power of your mind to move you forward will make your goals come true faster.

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Seven Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

Simple Ways to Save Money

Are you looking for ways to save money, but don’t want to sacrifice your current lifestyle? Well it is possible. Below are just a

1. Eating Out: Nope – you are not keeping your local businesses in business  – especially if it’s putting you into debt. For many families,  eating out is one of their biggest variable expenses – even if it’s picking up a pizza.  If you can’t stop completely, try these tips to save money at the local bistro.

  • Look for coupons online. Check out or – many times you can get a $25 off coupon for $10 – or a two-fer, kids eat free, etc.
  • You can also cut your bill in half by sharing a meal. We all know restaurant portions are huge and can probably feed at least two people. Cut down on the amount of food you eat and save money by sharing a meal with a friend or spouse.

2. Gas:  Nope – if you’re looking for ways to save money, you don’t have to give up your car.  There are several other ways to save money on gas.  Start by better planning your errands so you’re not making as many unnecessary trips.  This is where planning your day and clustering errands into one trip is key.

  • Be Fuels Efficient – if one person in your family drives a lot more – either around town or commuting then have them drive a more fuel efficient car.

Ways to Save Money – Rate Yourself

3. Consolidating Payments or Getting a Better Interest Rate:  Some great ways to save money sometimes come with the big things, like how much interest you’re paying on consumer loans.  Take your credit cards and start calling – ask for a lower APR – annual percentage rate.  You can check out rates at to see what a reasonable number is. You’re probably going to get laughed off the phone if you ask for a 4% rate, but a reduction from 19% to 12% or 10.99% may be doable. And don’t be afraid to ask for a supervisor and/or threaten to walk.  Have an offer in hand – even one of those offers with a teaser rate of 0% for a year will work.

4. Cut Out Unnecessary Fees:  Credit cards and banks love fees – they can make lots of money – so know what fees there are on your account and your card and avoid them.  If you do hit a fee, call and see if you can have it removed.

  • In addition, avoid bouncing checks and cash advances. Both insufficient fund fees and cash advances are probably one of the largest money suckers, but the easiest to avoid. Being in control of your money and knowing where it’s going will help you save money on unnecessary fees. You can often set up overdraft protection with  a savings account – but there could be an annual fee for this.  If you’re looking for ways to save money, this might seem counterintuituve, but one annual fee may save you from monthly bounce fees.

Ways to Save Money – Embrace the B word

5. Budgeting: Nobody likes the “B” word, but really it’s one of the best ways to save money out there. You need to know how much money you have coming in and directing the money where you need it to go. Budgeting means being in control of your money instead of your money controlling you. When you’re on a budget, you can actually save money without losing the lifestyle you desire.  Budgeting lets you have your cake and eat it to – you just plan and save for the cake, instead of whipping out your credit card and buying it right away.

6. Gym Fees: This is one of the great ways to save money – kill the gym fees.  Unless you truly go every single day, it’s probably costing you $20 or more every time you work out.  This makes p90x look like a bargain. Commit to working out at home. You can watch YouTube, go to OnDemand on your cable box, or buy some workout videos.   You’ll save time and money by exercising at home.


7. Groceries: Another one of the great ways to save money is to look long and hard at your grocery bill. This is probably one of your biggest payments – and hey you have to eat.  It’s also where you can die a slow death from a thousand cuts. (If you don’t know what I mean – well – those impulse purchases of Sugary Smack cereal at $4.59 a pop really do add up.) So what can you do:

  • Never shop hungry
  • Never go without a list
  • Plan the week’s menu – yup – look up recipes, plan 3-4 meals and 3-4 nights of leftovers
  • Take an inventory – I once had 6 bottle’s of Hunt’s Ketchup – preferred 3 to 1 in my house over other brands, because I was afraid of a ketchup emergency… there was no sale, no double coupons when I bought these – it was simply I didn’t know my own inventory before I shopped.
  • Ways to Save More Money at the Grocery store – leave the kids at home. Sure you may be able to say no to chocolate bars, Dora doll or the gumball machine, but you won’t be able to focus, spot the best deal or say no to the scope creep – two kinds of granola bars rather than 1.
  • Look for coupons – you can go a bit crazy here, and I am not much a coupon user, but it doesn’t hurt to check online or the circular for what’s on sale.

Here are some other ways to save money without sacrificing your lifestyle:

* Turn off lights when not in use.

* In the winter, wear sweaters to keep warm and turn down your thermostat.

* Turn the water off while brushing your teeth.

* Take showers instead of baths.

* Unplug any electronic devices when not in use.

Finding ways to save money doesn’t have to make you crazy.  In fact you can focus on three key areas: Eating out, reducing interest rates on your loans, and grocery shopping.  Tackle these one at time and you’ll find many ways to save money day in and day out.

Create a Relaxing Home With Some Simple Tricks

Build a Relaxing Home

A Chaise is a nice alternative to a recliner

While it’s a bit early for spring cleaning, it does seem to be the time to take a look around at the old nest, and see if some of the feathers need to be fluffed.  I know that it’s time ALL of the holiday decorations come down and since I’ll be doing that, the HotMama also thought it was time to take a little time to create a  more relaxing home.

We all know our homes should be a place you can escape to and shield yourself from life’s frustrations.  Here’s how you can increase your tranquility, by transforming your your home into a haven where you can retreat..

Luckily you won’t  need the services of an interior decorator or Feng Shui designer to accomplish the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort you want for your home. Just try these simple ways to create a relaxing home and see if you don’t feel better by Monday.

1. Bring in Mother Nature.  You can create a warm and inviting space by inviting mother nature in – without the bugs.  Try these tips for a pest-free visit from Mother Nature.

  • Get flowering plants for your bedroom balcony or back patio.
  • Set up wind chimes in locations that catch the breezes during the day.
  • A small fish tank with a filter – you can get some goldfish creates a soothing sound.

2. Dim the lights.  You don’t have to desiginate just one room as the oasis of calm – try adding dimmers in every room of the house.  Dimmer switches are available at almost any hardware store and are relatively easy to install – hey we’re betting you can do it yourself!

3. Bring on the color –  Whether you like to retreat to your bedroom, bathroom or living room, changing the paint color on the walls can instantly convert your private space into a haven. For a soothing effect, you could use shades of blue on the walls. You’ll instantly feel the calm energy when you walk into the space.

4. Try aromatherapy. If you’ve ever had a massage you know that the room is filled with good smells.  You can bring those into your house with these simple tricks, like flowering plants or aromatic herbs like lavender, placed in bowls.

5. Try a chaise – a more elegant alternative to the recliner, a chaise lets you lounger glamorously about while sipping tea or reading your favorite blog…add some nice cushions and a soft throw and you’re really ready to relax.

6. Declutter – yes, clutter makes you stressed.  If the thought of decluttering seems overwhelming, pick one or two rooms that you can do in a couple of hours.  Maybe it’s the family room (you can use bins or boxes to hide the necessaries) or maybe it’s your bedroom (clean off your bureau tops, find a pretty container to hold stuff, put those books in a nice bin), or perhaps pick a seldom used room, like the living room, and make it a clutter free, mom-friendly place.  You may learn to love escaping to the quiet of this room.

You alone know what you need to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Let your home bring you a peaceful feeling every time you step into it!

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Hey HotMamas,
family budgetsHere’s our most recent how to video on Family Budgeting. I give you some great tips on how to save money on lots of monthly expenses like cable, cell phones, drugstores, groceries, and even your credit cards.So watch the video now. and if you want to take your family’s financial future to the next level, be sure to grab a copy of our HotMama Secrets: Guide to Becoming a Rich Mama – Budget Your way to Wealth ebook – it’s a steal!

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