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One Hot Holiday Mama

Avoid Tacky Christmas Fashion

Avoid Tacky Christmas Fashion

Santa is almost here and as you’re getting ready to head out for that last round of holiday parties here’s how to make sure you look like a HotMama, not one of Santa’s helpers.

Makeup – just because red and green are the color of the season doesn’t mean you have to wear them on your face.  Skip the green eyeshadow and bright red lipstick and stick to your regular colors.  If you want a little extra glow try some shiny lip gloss in a slightly more festive shade, or try a little sparkly shimmer powder – just dust on your chest, collarbone, and your eyes – and we truly mean a sprinkle, not a shake.

Clothes – It depends on how formal the event is, but seldom will you need head to toe red or green.  Try neutral wool pants, a darker fitted jacket or cardigan with your holiday color – jewel tone red, green or maybe even a bit shimmery gold peeking out from below.  If it’s not a work event and you feel comfortable, a v-neck, showing a discrete bit of cleavage can totally be in order.

Accessories – No dangling tree light earrings please.  Nothing that flashes on or off or sings.  But a tree shaped brooch for your jacket, or your best glittery jewelry is ok.   Just do the mirror check – if jangle so much you’re going to scare the reindeer, take something off.

So have a very, Merry, Merry Holiday…and to get in the mood, check out my two current faves – the Christmas Album from the Glee Cast and Michael Buble Let It Snow…sure to get you into the mood.

Saving Room In Your Home

When you have a crowded location in your home there are great ways to get organized. Some may require that you purchase a few new items to help out. But really it will create a fun project and one that may free up a lot more space than you thought.<br /><br />A great way to save room in a work space or even a bedroom is by getting a <a href=’’>corner workstation</a>. These will allow you to use a smaller space in the room, and leave it more open. Allowing many other fantastic things to be done to decorate the room up nicely.<br /><br />If it is in a kid’s room that you are hoping to save space get them a <a href=’’>twin <a href=’’>loft bed</a></a>. With these types of beds you may even be able to get one that includes a desk in the set up. Now your child will not only have a very nice bed, but they will have a desk to do that homework on!<br /><br />With loft bed choices you will find you have several to consider. Not only will you have different sizes, but even styles to look at. Some will be a bit more expensive but there should easily be a choice that will fit into any budget that you are working on.<br /><br />But you may just be a person who loves to keep a lot of stuff, things that others may consider junk. However, if you place these items away inside of a bin and stack them in the garage you can add a lot of room. Plus the items will be up and out of the way, leaving people to not comment on the collection of things you have.<br /><br />With bins and shelves you will be able to save a lot of room in your home and garage. There are many types of shelving units that you can buy. Some will be light duty while others will be able to hold more weight. Pick correctly so your shelves will be more stable and safe.<br /><br />You can shop online or locally for fantastic deals. Looking at a product in person before you buy it may be suggested. It can help with satisfaction of getting product that you really want. But in some cases you may find a great deal online and not be able to find the item locally.<br /><br />Finally, when you buy online check to see what the return policy is for that item. This will let you remain satisfied if you have gotten a product you do not want, by being able to return it for a refund.

A Realistic Reach Is Required When Sellers Put Their Atlanta Homes For Sale

When sellers are all geared up to put their Atlanta Homes for sale, you want to be realistic. There is anxiety as well as excitement to Obtain hold of potential buyers when someone happens to be the seller. You want to think in a positive and practical manner that will pave the way for an early selling of your House. As a seller, Find this fact rather clear which the location of your Property is pivotal and will establish the cost at which your Asset will Obtain sold. The location of your House is also the deciding factor in terms of the kind of potential consumers You will come across.

There are several factors which you need to experience when you might be preparing your Dwelling to be among Atlanta Homes for sale. Certain things are not in your hands which could have a veryccelerated the operation of organisation transaction. In case your Dwelling is in a location that does not have a shopping mall, marketplace nearby, then you have reasons to worry. If a locality lacks a very good neighborhood, proper schools, a seller cannot support it. He cannot change the location of his house to invest it with a saleable quality. When judged from a buyer’s perspective, before he makes an investment, he looks into these matters of Fabulous importance for daily existence. 

A seller needs to think practically which he probably cannot do anything regarding the size, shape and location of his house to produce it more saleable. He should not spend funds on making some major changes in his house before selling as it would be of no advantage to him. To create your Dwelling appeal to the buyers searching for Atlanta Homes for sale, you could spend a few bucks to produce it presentable before the consumers.  A seller might clean, re-paint his Property, renovate the portions that need to have to be fixed, and make sure which The basic amenities are intact to satisfy a consumer.

You should make a correct estimate of the price of your Residence after Examining the current industry trend. Sellers should not bid a higher cost which is not at par with the price at real-estate industry. If he acts irrationally only thinking of generating profit, It should put off the potential consumers looking for Atlanta Homes for sale.

Sellers should be practical and use their nose for judgment when they think of putting up their Atlanta Homes for sale. plan things realistically and It will eventually support you to engage in the selling method in quick time. In case you are Searching for Atlanta Homes you have come to the Correct place.

Recommendations For Consumers While Searching For San Antonio Homes For Sale

A customer needs to do his homework well before he decides to generate an investment to purchase a Residence. purchasers need to have to be aware of the current marketplace trends. someone interested in Purchasing a Asset should know the tactics used by the sellers, so that his investment becomes productive. Before listing his Residence in the category of San Antonio Homes for sale in a web-site to grab attention, a seller does all the needful to create his Asset attractive to a future buyer. A customer should usage his commonsense, nose for judgment and carefully check all the aspects regarding the Property he is ready to buy.

It is obvious while thinking from a seller’s perspective that he would deck up his Residence to arrest the attention of a potential customer looking for San Antonio Homes for sale. First impression sometimes works in sealing the fate of a corporation transaction. At times, a buyer gets readily impressed after viewing a Dwelling for The first time and decides to usage his procuring power. Exclusive pieces of furniture, nicely paved driveways, and flowerbeds reflecting the feeling of being nurtured well, are not what should hook a customer’s attention. Those are the attractions which lie on the periphery while taking a Major decision like Buying a Residence.

A consumer should pay attention to check Whether the structure, the framework and The fundamental amenities of the Asset are intact or not. someone before indulging in a Buying spree should invest a Home listed under San Antonio Homes for sale with a major eye. A seller would always want to paint a rosy photo before the buyers so that his respective Property is valued more.

However, it is for the purchasers to ensure No matter whether a Property he is ready to buy is free from any legal hassle or not. Any portion in the respective Property which needs to be fixed, a purchaser should be able to locate that out with careful inspection. Sellers often try to cover up some of the main imperfections of his Asset. A shiny coat of paint can protect a portion which needs to be fixed. So a consumer needs to see Through things before exercising his buying power. It is generally the cost quoted by a buyer that counts finally and not that a seller sets for selling his Home in tune with other San Antonio Homes for sale.

So as a purchaser, it is imperative for him to use a critical eye while inspecting San Antonio Homes for sale. Without being too swayed by the glossy image painted by sellers, a potential customer should produce sure which his investment becomes fruitful. When you are Browsing for San Antonio Homes you have come to the Correct place.

Tame the Clutter – Declutter Tips for Moms

household-clutterAt RichMamaSecrets, we think it’s hard to be hot when your house is a disaster.  Unfortunately, we were not born with the housekeeping gene.  Domestic duties, except for cooking, are not among our favorite things.  But even the HotMama knows that the clutter beast needs to be tamed.  I am not a minimalist, nor a simple liver, and I fully believe that having kids means clutter and that trying to keep everything hyper neat is futile and an exercise in frustration.

On the other hand, I do believe that you can keep 75% of your space clean and organized.  Organization also makes a busy family work better (no more searching for car keys, anyone?)

So in the spirit of the New Year, we’ll be giving you some tips on how to declutter and get better organized for the next year – neat freaks need not apply.

HotMama Organizing Tip #1 The Family Cleanout – Every three months or so, take an hour on a weekend morning for the family clean out.  Have each family member go through their space and find things to throw out or donate.  On a rotating basis pick a common area, like the family room or kitchen and do the same thing.  Box up the donations and drop them off right away.   As an added incentive, reward the family with a lunch out.