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How to Live Life to the Fullest

living-life-to-the-fullestYou know the drill…you get up, get the kids up, get them ready, get yourself ready. Maybe they go to school and you go to work. Or maybe your spend your day doing chores, errands and driving everyone else around to their lives. And then it’s nighttime and the whole drill starts again. If you’ve been feeling like something’s missing then it may be time to sit back and decide just what is important to you and what you can do to live life to the fullest!  Here are some tips to just that.

  1. Guard Your Weekend As Family Time – No matter how busy you are your family are during the week, use the weekend to reconnect as a family. Eat meals together, have a family game night or movie night.  Use this time to talk about your past week, but don’t forget to try and get your family engaged in talking about the future and their hopes and dreams.
  2. Hit Nature – Sure the advice has been out there for awhile, but even taking a few minutes to eat lunch outside will lift your mood all day long.  Think about family walks or bikerides, or move your exercise routine out into the open.  The fresh air and vitamin D will invigorate you and make you feel more fulfilled.
  3. Build Your Relationships – This means the ones with your immediate family members, plus all those others – like parents and siblings that may not live with you and more.  Take the time to make phonecalls, drop notes and build on them.  And don’t forget your friends!  As a mom you can be so focused on taking care of your kids and your spouse, that you forget your “girlfriends”  Strong relationships with others will make your life feel richer.
  4. Smell the Roses – Sometimes being able to live life to the fullest means you need to slow down.  You may need to force yourself to stop and look at the autumn colors, smell the scent of woodsmoke in the air, or appreciate the first buds of spring.  If we’re always hurry, hurry, hurry, we can’t really enjoy ourselves.  So take a moment to just stop, look around and appreciate where you are.
  5. Leap Before You look – be adventurous.  Don’t be afraid to take chances or try a challenge.  Yes it might pull and stretch you and frazzle you a bit but you will have grown and probably discovered something outside yourself and your small sphere of motherhood that will give your life fuller meaning.

These are just a few easy tips to help you get started on living life to the fullest – you don’t need a complete 90-day program or a reboot of your whole life – just small steps to make your appreciate the wonder of it all. Justd on’t wait too long to follow your dreams – rather start making plans to live life each day.