10 Reasons Money Isn’t Everything – Or Is it

10 Reasons Why Money Isn’t Everything


Money Can't Buy HappinessIs money what it’s all about?  Have you ever wondered after your or your partner – or both of you spend at least eight hours a day working, striving to earn a decent income to support your family, provide for your needs, and (hopefully!) have something left over to fulfill a few desires,  – if this is it? Are we just meant to be money making machines? Well a Rich Mama knows there has to be more to life than just money, so here are 10 reasons why money isn’t everything. Read them, take a deep breath and chill.



1. Family


While money can help your family to have the things they need and want, money can’t give you a family, grow your family, make your family healthy, or even give your family lasting happiness. Family togetherness and love depends on time spent, not money spent. So figure out ways to spend time with your family without spending money together – play a board game, go for a picnic lunch, watch a movie together – at home, play charades.


2. Health


Sure, money can pay for doctor’s visits and prescriptions, but even the wealthiest folks in the world know that money can’t buy you health. And money can’t replace or remove poor health or disease. Choose nutritious food and go out for a daily walk for exercise. Those two things don’t cost a lot and go a long way to “buying” you health.


3. Happiness


Money may provide things that can make you happy for awhile, but real, lasting happiness can’t be bought. It’s something that comes from contentment within.  Knowledge and confidence in who we are and a purpose in life is true happiness. Money can’t buy that.  I’ve always felt that money in the bank (not in the new pillows on the couch) is a much better way to provide happiness. Instead of focusing on what you have, imagine the money in the bank, just sitting there – bet that’s a stress buster.


4. Faith


You hear people talk about their faith in many different ways, and we do have faith in different things, but have you ever heard anyone claim to have faith in money? Probably not. While money may give us a sense of security, it can also fail us, and often does. Money let’s us down. Faith in something greater than ourselves, however, won’t.


5. Peace


It’s a well known truism that money can buy you a bed, but it can’t help you sleep. While money can provide things you need and want, it can’t alter your state of mind enough that you have lasting peace. That’s something that comes from within and money will never provide it.


6. Purpose


Regardless of what some may think, money – or acquiring it – isn’t the purpose of life. We are taught early on that the love of money is the root of all evil. It’s important to read that very carefully; the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Money is just a tool with which to build a life. Making money your purpose for living is dangerous. Find a purpose in your life that fulfills you and gives your life meaning.


7. Joy


While some equate joy with happiness, they are really two different things. Happiness is the bouncy feeling that comes along when something pleasant happens in our lives. Happiness can be as simple as an ice cream cone or a good book. Joy, on the other hand, is a deep-seated contentment that nothing can take away. And money certainly can’t bring joy into our lives. Money is superficial. Joy goes deep.


8. Personal Growth


Life is a process of personal growth and learning, and while money may provide the opportunity for that growth, it will never be able to provide the growth itself. Learning and growing come from a change within us not from the cash in our bank accounts, or the limit on our credit cards. Constantly learning new things opens our life up to new possibilities, new horizons. Money cannot open up our mind.


9. Love


Love is truly the greatest gift of life; the love of a child, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, or a friend. Love is what drives the world, and that drive should never be the love of money, but rather love for people. That’s what will bring real, lasting joy. Isn’t that what we’re all seeking? Money can’t buy love. Simply said and very true, indeed.


10. Money Can’t Buy Everything


While you can buy material things, pay for health care, even “buy” some people, there are things money can’t buy. Money can’t buy family, health, happiness, faith, peace, purpose, joy, personal growth, or love. Look at the hundreds of lottery stories; people who’s dream has come true, they are instant millionaires. Look at what happens to 99.9% of these people and I dare you to tell me that money is the answer to all your problems.


Money is a great tool and one that we all need to provide a good life for our families. But money is not the be all and end of life. Money is simply a tool. One that will help fashion life, but not create it. Next time you get caught in the money trap, take a few minutes to remember what in life is REALLY important. Your loved ones will be glad you did, and so will you.

How to Stop Feeling Mom Guilt

So RichMama’s let me ask you a question – do you feel guilty – like you’re not doing enough for your kids, yourself, your family?  Ugh, mom guilt. It seems to be an integral part of motherhood. Born at the moment of conception, the guilt starts wreaking havoc on your life. Even before the baby is born you start thinking, “I shouldn’t have done this” or “I should have done that.” And once they’re born, forget about it. Every little tear they shed, every little mistake piles up like dirty diapers until you’re overwhelmed by a giant stack of stinky guilt.

Does Mom Guilt Need to Be a Part of Your Life?

It seems some mothers latch onto the mom guilt as a rite of passage. You’re supposed to feel it, right? Well, perhaps not. In most cases, guilt is a rather unproductive emotion. It doesn’t help you accomplish anything. It doesn’t make you or your child a better person. It doesn’t change things.

Think about the last time you felt a bit of guilt. Maybe you snapped at your child or didn’t feed them as many vegetables as you think you should have. What did the guilt accomplish? Did it change the past? Did it magically make you, or your child, feel better? No and no. Let it go!

How to Stop Feeling Mom Guilt

#1 Accept That You’re Not Perfect

Much of the guilt that moms feel stems from the weird need to be perfect – or to think that you’re expected to be perfect. Your mom wasn’t perfect, right? You’re not perfect either and no one really expects you to be.

They do expect you to do your best. However, doing your best doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. In fact, if you’re trying really hard you’ll probably make many mistakes. Sit back, repeat the mantra, “I’m not perfect and I don’t need to be,” and then relax. You’re going to make mistakes and the world won’t end when you do.

#2 Learn from the Mistake

When you make a mistake, instead of feeling unproductive guilt why not turn it into a productive moment? You can if you learn from the mistake. Assess what happened and why, and then create a plan to avoid making that mistake again. Move onward and upward as they say.

#3 Start Paying Attention to Why You Feel Guilt

Okay, it’s time for an honest moment. It’s time to get in touch with your feelings. When you’re feeling guilty about something, sit down and spend a few quiet moments assessing why. What does the guilt do for you? Why are you choosing to feel guilt instead of some other emotion? Maybe it’s easier to feel guilty than to be angry or frightened.

Guilt seems to be a natural part of motherhood for many. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can have a happier and more productive parenting experience if you learn to let go of guilt.


How to Have More Fun This Weekend

Are you having enough family fun?  Weekends are meant for fun. However, it’s easy to fall into a weekend rut. This is especially the case if you work all week and use the weekends to catch up on household chores and errands. And if your budget is tight then weekend fun may seem impossible. Here are a few tips, ideas, and strategies to have more fun this weekend.

#1 Get Outside

Getting out into the fresh air almost automatically puts a smile on everyone’s face. And guess what – nature is free. Walk to the park and play a game of Frisbee, football, or baseball. Head to the beach or pool and splash around. Take a nature hike or explore a new outdoor area in your community. Pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

#2 Make a List

Make a list of the things that you want to do and can do on the weekends. This way, when you’re stumped for ideas you can simply turn to your list and make a choice.

#3 Put It on the Calendar

Many museums, zoos, and other community facilities offer discount days, free days, and special events. Make a list of these and put them on your calendar. Then when you’re trying to decide what to do this weekend you can see all of the possibilities and take advantage of local events.

#4 Fairs and Festivals

Most fairs and festivals are free to attend and they can be a lot of fun. Add them to your calendar and choose one or two to attend. Set a budget in advance and pack your lunch so you stay on budget. It’s easy to spend a fortune on food and snacks.

#5 Take Advantage of Short-Term Travel Packages

One of the best ways to see the world on a budget is to have an open schedule and open-minded approach to where you go. If you want to get away for a long weekend, visit the discount travel broker websites and review the last-minute packages. You can often save more than 50% on a trip and the spontaneity is fun.

#6 Imaginative Projects

What do your children love to do? DO they enjoy building things? Do they like putting on shows? Let their imaginations run free and spend a weekend with a creative project. Put on a play in the back yard and film it. Build a playhouse and paint it. If your children love volcanoes then have a science fair. If they love to cook then stage your very own Cupcake Wars in your kitchen.

#7 Try Something New

Have each family member make a list of something they want to learn or do this summer. Give them a few examples so they don’t write down things like “Go to Paris” or “Ride a camel.” Children can get carried away. Take a look at their list and then create a plan to address one item on each person’s list. You may find that you’re rock climbing one weekend and shopping for vintage clothing the next.

All work and no play makes weekends dull and the work week even harder. Teach your children to take time to have fun. And enjoy your family time together – it’s precious.

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How to Relax for Free


Do You Need to Hit the Spa to Relax?

Everyone, especially moms need, to relax now and then.  If we don’t, you know what happens!  A stress-filled mama!  Which means an unhappy family – and the possibility that you could even get sick.  But how to relax? Well there are many relaxation ways out there to relax that are free.

Here are some simple ways to relax – that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Exercise a Little. A great way to exercise is a little light exercise.  This can mean going for a walk around the neighborhood or playing a low impact sport. Exercise has been known to help the body relax and engaging in non-intense exercise will help your mind to unwind as well.

2. Learn How to Meditate. Taking up meditation is one of the most relaxing activities you can engage in for free. it’s simple  – sit in silence and focus on your breathing.  Quiet your mind. When negative thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and then let them go. Try doing this for 30 minutes each day.

3. Rest. Learn bow to catnap.  You can feel very relaxed after a short 15 minute snooze. You don’t even need to completely fall asleep to enjoy this activity.

4. talk it out. Find a friend and have a chat.  Chances are you have one of those friends that you can chat with as if no time has gone by since you last talked. Old friends usually provide great opportunities to talk about the good old days.

5. Change Your Mood With Music Grab the MP3 player and listen to some great tunes. Pick out a group of songs that you find especially relaxing. Classical and other light songs usually work best.

6.Open a Book. Go check out a new book from the local library and start reading. It may even be a fun activity to read one of your favorite books over again.

7. Dust off the Tub. Take a hot bath or shower. If you’re taking a bath, add in bubble bath soap, play some classical music, and remember to turn off your phone ringer.  Even ten minutes in the tub can radically change your mood.  This is a simple way to have some peaceful time just for you.

8. Go For Some Family Time. When was the last time you played your favorite board game? Dust off the old Monopoly or Scrabble, prepare some snacks, and play a few games with your family. It’ll be fun for all!

9. Daydream. Daydreaming isn’t just for kids. Let your mind wander and dream. Escape to where you’d like to travel one day. Think about what your life will be like in the next 5, 10, or 15 years and write these thoughts down in a journal for you to read later.

Endless Possibilities

Really there are endless ways to relax.  None of them need to involved a costly trip to the spa or a trip to the Caribbean.  Use these 9 simple How to Relax techniques and you’ll be well on your way to being a cool HotMama.

Tell us – what’s your favorite way to relax?

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Create a Relaxing Home With Some Simple Tricks

Build a Relaxing Home

A Chaise is a nice alternative to a recliner

While it’s a bit early for spring cleaning, it does seem to be the time to take a look around at the old nest, and see if some of the feathers need to be fluffed.  I know that it’s time ALL of the holiday decorations come down and since I’ll be doing that, the HotMama also thought it was time to take a little time to create a  more relaxing home.

We all know our homes should be a place you can escape to and shield yourself from life’s frustrations.  Here’s how you can increase your tranquility, by transforming your your home into a haven where you can retreat..

Luckily you won’t  need the services of an interior decorator or Feng Shui designer to accomplish the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort you want for your home. Just try these simple ways to create a relaxing home and see if you don’t feel better by Monday.

1. Bring in Mother Nature.  You can create a warm and inviting space by inviting mother nature in – without the bugs.  Try these tips for a pest-free visit from Mother Nature.

  • Get flowering plants for your bedroom balcony or back patio.
  • Set up wind chimes in locations that catch the breezes during the day.
  • A small fish tank with a filter – you can get some goldfish creates a soothing sound.

2. Dim the lights.  You don’t have to desiginate just one room as the oasis of calm – try adding dimmers in every room of the house.  Dimmer switches are available at almost any hardware store and are relatively easy to install – hey we’re betting you can do it yourself!

3. Bring on the color –  Whether you like to retreat to your bedroom, bathroom or living room, changing the paint color on the walls can instantly convert your private space into a haven. For a soothing effect, you could use shades of blue on the walls. You’ll instantly feel the calm energy when you walk into the space.

4. Try aromatherapy. If you’ve ever had a massage you know that the room is filled with good smells.  You can bring those into your house with these simple tricks, like flowering plants or aromatic herbs like lavender, placed in bowls.

5. Try a chaise – a more elegant alternative to the recliner, a chaise lets you lounger glamorously about while sipping tea or reading your favorite blog…add some nice cushions and a soft throw and you’re really ready to relax.

6. Declutter – yes, clutter makes you stressed.  If the thought of decluttering seems overwhelming, pick one or two rooms that you can do in a couple of hours.  Maybe it’s the family room (you can use bins or boxes to hide the necessaries) or maybe it’s your bedroom (clean off your bureau tops, find a pretty container to hold stuff, put those books in a nice bin), or perhaps pick a seldom used room, like the living room, and make it a clutter free, mom-friendly place.  You may learn to love escaping to the quiet of this room.

You alone know what you need to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Let your home bring you a peaceful feeling every time you step into it!