The Entitlement Trap – How to Keep Your Kids Out of It

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the-entitlement-trapNew York Times bestselling authors Richard and Linda Eyre have just releases a new book titled The Entitlement Trap which promises to help parents create a new family economy to raise responsible children in an age of instant gratification. The RichMama was lucky enough to receive a pre-pub copy for review.  The book as a whole focuses on all aspects of raising polite, motivated and grateful children, from teaching them about ownership and responsibility of their things and choices.  I was interested in the chapter on the family economy where they discuss how to set up a chore board and process for allowing children to earn money – and then pay for stuff, thereby helping kids learn about money.

That chapter was about as detailed as you could get for a process of setting up a family economy for kids.  I used to be of the allowance camp – give the kids an allowance to help them learn how to save and spend, but after reading this book and some thinking, I am now using the family economy at home  – money is only given after we evaluate work done.

My kids are still pretty young so our personal system is still getting some find tuning, but in The Entitlement Trap, the authors point out that their strategies – for money, behavior, homework – you name it – work best with the overlooked tween set – elementary and middle grade kids.  Most parenting books focus on tots and tweens – but it’s the tweens that are teachable – and till eager for parental input.

The Entitlement Trap – it’s a good all around book for teaching kids about money – and about being more responsible, organized and focused – all things we want for our families.  You can pick up the The Entitlement Trap at Amazon or other fine book stores.

Allay Patch – Pain Free Relief from Cramping

The HotMama received a curious little box from BioElectronics.  A “patch” that promised to relieve monthly cramping without drugs.  Instead the patch uses electromagnetic therapy to reduce swelling, pain and discomfort.  We decided to try it out.  The patch comes in a discrete little pouch.  A disposable cotton covering holds the electromagnetic device.  You then place the patch against your stomach – you pretty much have to slip it into your underwear – and the pulses work on reduce swelling and cramping.  The pouches are disposable so you don’t have to worry about re-using them.  All in all it sounds great.  But does it work?

Based on a totally unscientific trial, this user says yes.  True my cramping isn’t so bad that I feel like I need to sit out from activities for a few days every month, but I usually do pop a motrin or two.  Well wearing the ‘device’ felt nice.  Nice enough that I wasn’t tempted to unscrew the medicine bottle.

According to company literature, multiple studies prove the efficacy and safety, etc, etc.  As we said, our unscientific study proved the same thing.  So if you’re looking for a non-drug method to beat PMS try the Allay Patch. You can find out more on their website:

Gehwol Fusskraft Bamboo Scrub Like Heaven on Your Feet

Recently, Gehwol sent the HotMama some of their foot bamboo scrub from their Fursskraft line to try out.   With a light, pleasing scent and all natural products, the scrub smelled like a winner.  But how did it work?  Well the Gehwol Fusskraft line was developed to help address and solve foot and leg problems – from smelly feet, to calluses to tired, heavy legs.

The HotMama won’t cop to smelly feet, at least not in print, but as a mom of three, foot care is a bit far down on the line of priorities.  Since I haven’t been able to schedule a mani-pedi any time soon, I was eager to find something that would rub those calluses off my feet (you know that scrape of dry skin when you slip into bed).

The bamboo scrub promised to reduce calluses and relieve tired heavy legs.  Well it certainly worked on the calluses, smelled great and did leave me feeling – well better.  Not sure if my legs had more bounce in them – but they were definitely softer.  What more could you ask for, really.

So for an all natural, at home foot scrub, the Gehwol Fusskraft Bamboo is a winner.  It’s a little like a mini spa at home.  You can purchase the Gehwol Fusskraft bamboo scrub here:

Clinique Redness Solutions Redness Regimen 3 Step Kit 3 Piece Set

If you wake up every morning with reddened skin – whether from rosacea or just a case of skin inflammation, then you should try the Clinique Redness Solutions line of products. Consumers and beauty editors are raving and giving kudos to the products for helping reduce visible redness. How does it so it? Yellow green undertones neutralize unwanted redness, even from broken capillaries. The products, instead of just camouflaging redness actually contain ingredients like mushrooms, caffeine and probiotics that soothe and treat redness, making your complexion less susceptible to irritation. [ReviewAZON asin=”B003D1RU6K” display=”fullpost”]

Kickboxing Techniques DVD – 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body

How cool does kickboxing sound?  Kinda like being a kid again, getting to kick and punch – talk about working out some aggressions in a healthy fashion. But as any HotMama knows getting to the gym to take a kickboxing class can be impossible – not to mention it might be a bit intimidating to kick it with the younger crew.  The perfect solution to channel your inner Rocky?  The 10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body Workout Kit  kickboxing techniques dvd comes with weighted gloves so you can really punch it out.  It has five different 10 minute kickboxing dvd workouts with detailed instruction so even a total newbie can follow along. [ReviewAZON asin=”B00294Y722″ display=”fullpost”]