Welcome to RichMamaSecrets.com.  You may be wondering about the name – nope nothing dirty here – unless it’s airing a little dirty laundry. RichMamaSecrets.com is dedicated to you – the RichMama waiting to be unleashed.

Thanks for taking the time to visit www.richmamasecrets.com .  Make sure you grab your free ebook  You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Happy. But if you want to find out more about me and the site, keep reading.

RichMamaSecrets.com is very personal but also useful resource for any mom.  It’s devoted to “Life Design for Moms” or You – On Fire – and what that really means is that I believe the life we want, and to some extent, happiness – as a mom, as a spouse, as a person, as a family doesn’t happen completely by accident.

Andrea Stein RichMama Secrets Founder

I know, because I lived it.  I woke up one morning not unhappy but with the sense that life was passing me by. One the one hand, I had everything I’d always dreamed of – a beautiful family.  On the other side was a frazzled, fat mom, with a disorganized house, credit card debt, a neglected business, and a woman that had lost her purpose.

On the one hand, I thought there were people I could blame it on – I won’t name names, but you get the idea.  But the truth was that my current slide into aimlessness had mostly been my fault.  I lacked focus or even a clear direction on where I wanted myself – and my family – to be.  Because let’s face it – as moms, we steer the ship.

I came to the realization that now was the time to get serious, to start the creating the life I wanted – sure there are always excuses, or the promise to do it later – when the kids are school, after this next sports season, when things calm down.

It wasn’t until I truly saw that that I woke up.  Slowly and then faster, things began to change. I made time for exercise and cooked healthier meals for the whole family.  I paid attention to the family finances and soon we were on our way to being debt free and building lasting wealth – with no more financial worries keeping us up at night.  I instituted family rituals that brought us closer.  I worked on organizing my house, life and day so that I found more time and structure – and everyone was happier.  Finally, I was able to work on my business again and find fulfillment if helping others and supporting my family.

I was on fire!  I had my purpose back!  And my life – I felt like I had a plan for where I wanted to go.  And that is was good for me and my family.  By taking the time to “Design My Life” I made it better for everyone in it.

Good luck!  Be sure to check out www.richmamasecrets.com for more tips on how to design your life – from your health, your finances, your family, your home, your career/business.  We’ll give you the tips, tools and strategies to get you where you want to be!

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Andrea Stein

Andrea Stein – Andrea is an experienced blogger and author and entrepreneur.  She founded GirlMogul Media which creates girl power websites and books for today’s tweens. Prior to founding GirlMogul Media she worked as consultant and project manager at media and technology companies.  She has a degree in American Studies and an MBA, and lives in New Jersey with her family.  Her hobbies include reading and trying not to kill her plants.

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