HotMama Secrets Tip No. 57 – Invest in a Good Haircut


Simple Hairstyles for Moms

Get a good haircut. Spend money on it. Do not go to a cheapo QuckieCutz because they are cheap and quick and you have no time or money. Save your money and spend it on a decent cut (and color). Why – because you wear your hair EVERY DAY… The best clothes can’t fix dingy hair. But remember – you’re a mom – you’re lucky if you have time to take a shower much less do your hair. So find a cut that works with you and doesn’t require any care at all to look decent.
Then on date night you can do it up. Find a cut that you can pull back in a pony tail. Why? A tight pony tail is like a cheap face lift – and worth the headache.

So spend money on your hair. Find a good style. Don’t go trendy. Look through magazines, ask your (highly trained professional) stylist for recommendations. Be honest, explain your lifestyle. Go for good hair. Trust us…Good hair will make you feel like a hotmama…So invest in a good hairstyle

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