Create a Relaxing Home With Some Simple Tricks

Build a Relaxing Home

A Chaise is a nice alternative to a recliner

While it’s a bit early for spring cleaning, it does seem to be the time to take a look around at the old nest, and see if some of the feathers need to be fluffed.  I know that it’s time ALL of the holiday decorations come down and since I’ll be doing that, the HotMama also thought it was time to take a little time to create a  more relaxing home.

We all know our homes should be a place you can escape to and shield yourself from life’s frustrations.  Here’s how you can increase your tranquility, by transforming your your home into a haven where you can retreat..

Luckily you won’t  need the services of an interior decorator or Feng Shui designer to accomplish the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort you want for your home. Just try these simple ways to create a relaxing home and see if you don’t feel better by Monday.

1. Bring in Mother Nature.  You can create a warm and inviting space by inviting mother nature in – without the bugs.  Try these tips for a pest-free visit from Mother Nature.

  • Get flowering plants for your bedroom balcony or back patio.
  • Set up wind chimes in locations that catch the breezes during the day.
  • A small fish tank with a filter – you can get some goldfish creates a soothing sound.

2. Dim the lights.  You don’t have to desiginate just one room as the oasis of calm – try adding dimmers in every room of the house.  Dimmer switches are available at almost any hardware store and are relatively easy to install – hey we’re betting you can do it yourself!

3. Bring on the color –  Whether you like to retreat to your bedroom, bathroom or living room, changing the paint color on the walls can instantly convert your private space into a haven. For a soothing effect, you could use shades of blue on the walls. You’ll instantly feel the calm energy when you walk into the space.

4. Try aromatherapy. If you’ve ever had a massage you know that the room is filled with good smells.  You can bring those into your house with these simple tricks, like flowering plants or aromatic herbs like lavender, placed in bowls.

5. Try a chaise – a more elegant alternative to the recliner, a chaise lets you lounger glamorously about while sipping tea or reading your favorite blog…add some nice cushions and a soft throw and you’re really ready to relax.

6. Declutter – yes, clutter makes you stressed.  If the thought of decluttering seems overwhelming, pick one or two rooms that you can do in a couple of hours.  Maybe it’s the family room (you can use bins or boxes to hide the necessaries) or maybe it’s your bedroom (clean off your bureau tops, find a pretty container to hold stuff, put those books in a nice bin), or perhaps pick a seldom used room, like the living room, and make it a clutter free, mom-friendly place.  You may learn to love escaping to the quiet of this room.

You alone know what you need to feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Let your home bring you a peaceful feeling every time you step into it!

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