Happy Thought of the Day – My life is expanding

Hey HotMama’s – here’s your feel good thought for the day.  It’s simple – just look at this saying, read through once or twice and commit it to memory.  Throughout the day, just think back on it.  Try printing it out, or writing it down – or the first sentence in your journal so you can refer pack to it.


My life is getting better every day. I wake up excited about the new adventure each day brings. I look forward to stepping outside and facing the world with the confidence of knowing that good things are headed my way.

I have taken the limits off my dreams and I dream bigger today than I ever have before. I crush the confines of my aspirations to make way for my goals.

I allow myself to get carried away by envisioning my dreams as reality. Dreaming fuels my ambitions. I step up my performance level when I am driven by passion.

The more I dream, the more I achieve. As a result, I get to enjoy a wider range of experiences. Faith enables me to attain what I dare to desire. Whatever I believe in my heart becomes a tangible reality.

I experience a boost in every area of my life. My relationships are becoming stronger and deeper. I have an enjoyable number of quality friends with whom I can create new memories while sharing life’s experiences.

At work, I am rising to the top as I continue to perform above the competition. My responsibilities are increasing just as my ability to excel increases. The power to achieve greatness is stored within me.

Today, I choose to embrace life with arms wide open. I prepare myself to receive the blessings heading my way as a result of me putting my faith into action. My satisfaction with life is increasing as I gradually improve in every area of my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How has my life expanded in the last five years? Think about all of the great things that have happened
2. What do I want to see happen in the next few years? Remember no limits here!
3. Why is it important to take the limits off my dreams? Kill the little inner naysayer!

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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