Family Budgets – Stick to Them

Need some help sticking to the family budget? It’s ok – not every budget works for every family. You need to design a household budget that will work for you! Here are some tips on how you can create a workable family budget.

1. Use the Envelope System. Grab a bunch of envelopes, mark each one with a designated expense, and put in an allotted allowance for each expense. Use this money to pay for groceries, dry cleaning, eating out – and when you’re done, you’re done until the next month.

2. Freeze Your Credit Cards. It’s true, you can freeze your credit cards n a block of water if that’s what it takes to deter you from using. It’s too easy to forget the true costs of the things you buy when you just swipe your card. Don’t feel guilty about falling for this trick; the easiest way to combat it is to keep your cards hidden away. Only bring them out when they’re truly needed.

3. Use Cash. Pay with your hard earned cash and you’ll stop to think about what you’re buying. Not a fan of carrying cash? Then opt for using your debit card. Just remember to stay on top of your balance so you don’t overdraw your account.

4. Cut Back. Yes, you can pinch back the family budget – without feeling pinched.

• Set aside an hour or two one day and call your service providers for phone, cable and cell phone. Discuss different lower cost plans. Maybe you can switch to a lower cell phone plan or forgo HBO.

5. Budget for a Splurge Item. It’s ok to spend money on something you really want – as long as you stay within your budget. Set aside a separate savings account or envelope for this splurge. Write down some items you might like to treat yourself and when it’s time to reward yourself, look at the list, look at your budget and go shopping guilt free.

Keep Working the Family Budget

If you’re still having trouble balancing the household budget, it’s important to keep trying new things until you have a system that works for you. The goal is to create a budget so you can save money for your future, while still having fun with your family today. A sound family budget plan will help you take control of your finances and lead you to freedom.

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