Happiness Tips For Moms


Tips to Feel Happier

If you’re like most moms, it can be easy to go with the flow and get caught up in the negative emotions of those around you.  But you don’t have to be a grouch.  With a few simple strategies, you can guard your emotions and flow through the day with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.  Try these to keep the meanies at bay.  Your kids will love you for it.

  1. Smile from the Start – How do you first react to the dawning of a new day? Do you  groan and slam the snooze button? Try this routine to wake up happy
    1. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier than usual
    2. As you wake up, relax and the warmth and softness of your bed.
    3. Smile to yourself to set your moon
    4. Before you get up, think of five things you’re happy and grateful for.  You can even jot them down in journal.
  2. Treat errands and chores as opportunities to boost your mood. If your day is an endless round of mommy go-go – errands, chauffeuring and cleaning, then change these tasks from drudgery to fun by doing these things:
    1. Pump up the party music – when you’re in the house cleaning, turn on some upbeat music and dance as you push that vacuum.  You’ll instantly feel better
    2. Smile as you go.  As you do your errands, smile.  Don’t rush.  Thank the cashiers and the people who hold the door for you.  You’ll feel great and you’ll make others as well.
    3. Have the kids help. Even the littlest kids can help with getting dinner ready, whether it’s setting a table or assembling a salad.  Use this time to get some help and some more facetime with the kids.   You will feel less like a drudge.
  3. Chat with Your Children – You make think you do, but very often we don’t talk – and listen – as much as we think.  Ask them what they’re favorite part of the day was and why.  And listen – really listen to their answers.
  4. STOP Yourself – We all have moments when we get upset, anxious or angry with people as we go through the day.  You can control how you feel and stop these moments.  Use the mental image of a big STOP sign and flash that in your brain.  This will trigger you to step back, calm down and re-center yourself.  Think of it as a timeout for mommy.
  5. Be nice.  Yup. It can be that simple.  This goes along with smiling.  Just say please and thank you, hold doors – the little things.  Try this even with your kids and spouse.  They may not notice at first, but you will be setting a kinder and gentler tone for the world around you.  And it will respond.

Try these little tricks and the HotMama virtually guarantee you will feel better. And so will the rest of your family.   Share your best tips for having a good day below!

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