Tea Tree Oil Offers Effective Cure for Blackheads

Tea tree oil is removed from the leaves of an Australian plant called Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia thru steam distillation. The oil was named so because in early days, the leaves of this plant were used to make tea. Its medicinal properties were discovered later.

Tea tree oil and acne
The antimicrobial nature of the tea tree oil is attributed to it’s turpentine part. This antimicrobial factor helps fight and also control the growth of acne causing bacteria. Visibility of acne lesions sis also reduced by the cleansing of the propionibacterium acne- the bacteria which lives on the skin and is the first cause for the acne outbreak.

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Tea tree oil gets its antimicrobial properties from terpinen, which is its main component. The oil contains antibacterial agents that help combat acne producing bacteria and stop them from growing. Tea Tree oil also eliminates Propionibacterium acnes, a skin-dwelling bacteria that causes acne, thereby diminishing acne ruptures. The oil is known to heal acne without any side effects.Tea Tree oil is very useful to treat blemishes and scars caused due to acne.

Correct use of acne remedy products comprising of Tea Tree oil, is critical.

While dabbing it across the face is a great idea, one should also remember that the tea tree oil is very strong and should be used either watered down or in micro encapsulated form. The Exposed skin care range as an example, is an anti acne solution which uses the tea tree oil in correct proportions as an acne fighting component.The tea tree oil is delivered in micro encompassed form by the company.

Other uses of tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is used for a large range of purposes.This necessary has antibacterial and antifungal properties and proves to be of great help in various ailments.

Tea tree oil was at first employed by Australian aboriginals for healing skin cuts, burns and other infections. Tea tree oil is very effective in treating sportsman’s foot and any fungal infection on the toenails or feet. Several anti dandruff shampoos and products also make use of tea tree oil due to its ability to fight dandruff. Tea tree oil has the ability to treat Malassezia furfur, which is the most important cause of dandruff. Yeast infection may also be treated with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is used for treating lice, it also helps in maintaining oral hygiene. It helps relieve tooth ache and various other gum infections.

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