How Raw Foods Improve Your Health

Do you want to lose weight and better your health – for good? Well, the easiest way to lose weight and better your health is starting to eat more of a raw food diet. The major raw food diet benefits  are losing weight, having way more energy, having beautiful radiant skin, and feeling younger and more vital! 

With a raw food diet, energy levels are increased because of the inherent energy and life force of raw food.  The food enzymes found in raw foods are partly the reason that raw food gives you more energy  . 

And with that increase in energy, you will have more energy to stay active in order to burn fat, rather than converting it to fat . Due to the change in your physiology and the fact that you’re eating “live” food, you can’t help but feel more energized on a raw foods diet. 

With raw food your health also improves and you will rarely get sick . Since eating raw, I haven’t sick for about 7 years now! Reading more about raw foods was really important as it resulted in me learning important information about nutrition and quality of food. 

Like refined sugar and sucrose and how they can get converted into fat, rather than producing energy .   

 Another reason to eat more raw foods is that you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your digestive system. You’ll digest foods better and will be more regular.  . 

The digestion system is improved very well, due to which the effects of easier digestion and absorption are easily noticeable. The major benefit is that less energy is needed to digest raw food (because it basically digests itself) when compared to eating cooked foods. 

Even if you still eat cooked food, you can greatly benefit from adding more raw foods into your diet. The easiest way to start eating raw is just to eat more fruits and veggies. Take some with you to work and snack on them between meals  .

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