Natural Hair Restoration-Doctors Discover A Vitamin and mineral Solution To Restore Lost Hair

There has to be a real vitamin for hair growth and re-growth, well scientists are already attempting to figure that out for decades. Now, doctors in California have recognized a vitamin material that appears to be all natural Hair restoration treatment for balding and thinning hair.

Doctors at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles had several mice remaining from drug tests. Some of the mice had excessive hair loss but were otherwise in good health. The Doctors needed to see if they could re-grow hair on the mice by giving them an organic extract of polyphenols in their menu.

Following a 6-month test, the mice acquiring the polyphenols in there diet had shown that hair loss had entirely stopped. That’s is not the only surprise, as  with all the mice in the test group using the polyphenols substantial hair re-growth had occurred.

The scientists learned that 33% belonging to the treated mice had significant hair re-growth, however no regrowth was seen in the control group that was not fed the polyphenols. Other then the polyphenols both of the groups were fed exactly the same diet and stayed within the same living environments as the test subjects. Just the polyphenols group had no additional hair loss and substantial hair re-growth

Science Strongest for Apple Polyphenols and Natural Hair Restoration

Previous experiments have proven that polyphenols from apple skins, grape seeds and barley all exhibit the ability to re-grow hair in animal and human trials. This is the first report within the literature showing that green tea polyphenols also provide some hair growth effects. This study is also important because it’s the first time that polyphenols have produced new hair regrowth when taken internally.

Proof of Significant Re-growth

Human medical trials on apple polyphenols, specifically procyanidins, have demostrated the best and fastest results in hair re-growth, but have only been tested topically. This latest study is proof that polyphenols, taken internally, have significant hair growth effects in mammals.


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