Managing A Contested Divorce

When you and your former husband or wife start divorce proceedings in Pennsylvania, there are lots of factors which are going to have to be spoken about, and in lots of situations the people under-going  a divorce case are usually well aware of this. There are times when some surprising circumstances suddenly emerge into the open and cause marital difficulty, however in most cases the partners will see the inescapable break up approaching. They have a perception of the way they’d want to go forward ahead of the actual request for divorce proceedings is filed, and no-one understands the characteristics of their particular situation as well as they will. The courts will be well aware of this, and for this reason they would prefer not to have to make the final decision in a contested separation and divorce case.


However, there are times when a divorcing husband and wife just can’t come to terms. Situations relating to children are something that can be contentious, like custody, support, and visitation arrangements. As soon as you give some thought to child custody, it is very important bear in mind that there are two types of custody: physical and legal. So aside from the issue of who the primary physical carer will be, additionally there is the matter of who makes all the choices on behalf of the child or children.


Monetary terms may also be contested, like matters of division of property, the assumption of shared debts, and the likelihood of alimony or spousal maintenance payments. Because Pennsylvania is a state that provides for divorce for reasons of fault, this could enter into play if the court is called upon to settle the conditions of a contested separation and divorce. For example, if a former husband or wife who was trying to get alimony payments was at-fault for the divorce as a result of an act of adultery, it will not necessarily preclude this individual from consideration for alimony, but it will be considered if the case is heard in court.


A contested separation and divorce process is definitely something that should be averted when possible. A lot of these actions are expensive, time consuming, and often times unnecessary. The details associated with the case will undoubtedly be self evident, and if the partners concerned are being objective, they can usually get to some sort of agreement, sometimes with the assistance of a 3rd party mediator to help the process along.


If you are dealing with a contested Pittsburgh PA divorce proceeding the only sensible way to progress is with a good Pittsburgh PA custody lawyer by your side. A good divorce attorney Pittsburgh Pennsylvania can offer the assistance you need.

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