Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are a Fasion No No

Ugly Christmas Sweater are a Fashion Dont

Ugly Christmas Sweater are a HotMama Dont

HotMamas, we hope you know by now, that to be festive this season, you should not, we repeat, absolutely should not bust out the old reindeer sweater.  Or the Christmas tree or the Santa sweater.  This also goes for funny t-shirts with sayings like “My reindeer ran over your mama” or dangling earrings in the shape of ornaments that flash.  Ditto for necklaces.  This is not hot. Not at all.  But we do not  mean to be the grinch.  You can still be festive and be hot.  So here are a few tips to dress of the season, but not as the season…

1. Red and Green are fine – but go for it in luxe fabrics and unexpected ways – a beautful satin or silk blouse, or straight leg velvet jeans.   Or if you keep the rest of your outfit low key, an amazing gold shoe or bag.  You get the idea – be inspired by the season

2. Accessorize – You can be spirited without resorting to jewlery bought at the dollar store.  Try some bold bangles in metallics, a pin or necklace with some rhinestones.  You can be bolder with your accessories this season, just don’t light up.

3 Add some Shine – Tis the season to be sparkly, so it’s ok to glitz it up a bit.  For more formal events, feel free to break out your good jewelery and go with a bit of bling.  Just remember the old adage – before you leave the door, check the mirror and remove one item – this is because we tend to overdo it.  And you don’t want to sound like Santa’s reindeer, jangling from a mile away

So go on, be merry, be bright – just don’t glow like Rudolph.

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