Something New on the Fast Food Menu

In the near future it looks like we’re going to see something new on the menu at fast food restaurants. In an effort to slow down the obesity “epidemic” in the USA among adults and children, the FDA is calling for the prominent display of caloric content on menus at fast food restaurants.  The information must be posted on menus and on menu boards, even the menu at the drive-through lane.

According to a 2007–2008 assessment by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the U.S.A. approximately 68% of all adults and approximately 32% of children and adolescents are overweight. These disturbing numbers have been consistently rising over the past ten years.

The single biggest variable in weight gain is the relationship between the amount of calories your body burns and how many calories you take in.  Ingesting more calories than you burn causes weight gain.  Even when you’re on a weight loss diet your results will be based on this fact.

Consuming fast and takeout foods significantly influences body fat and diet quality for many individuals.  The average person eats fast food fairly frequently, and most fast food is high in calories. 

Maybe people will make healthier food choices once they realize that:

  • McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is 740 calories.
  • The Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Shake is 1130 calories
  • The Sonic Peanut Butter Shake – Large is 1010 calories
  • The Burger King Double Whopper Sandwich with Cheese is 990 calories.
  • Sonic Super Sonic Cheeseburger (with mayo) is 980 Calories:
  • Hardee’s Big Country Breakfast Platter – Country Steak is 1150 calories.
  • The Sonic Peanut Butter Shake – Large is 1010 calories.*

The new law, which applies to chain restaurants with 20 or more locations, also requires provision of additional nutrition info about total fat, total carbs, saturated fat,sugars, and total protein in written form to customers upon request.

Don’t expect to see these changes to fast food menus right away.  Federal regulations are coming no later than March 23, 2011, and after that there will be an additional period of time for industry compliance.  In the meantime, remember to eat healthy and supplement with quality vitamins and minerals .

*( For more information on the 272 fast food items highest in calories go here. )

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