Foxy Hot Mama Tips

Looking for a quick update to the tired old soccer mom look?  Here are a few quick tips to make looking hot easier than talking on your cellphone, doing your makeup and hollering at the kids.

1. HotMama Fashions – Jeans.  You know you’re going to wear them no matter what, so find a style that you like, that flatters you.  And honestly for most moms, leave the super skinny jeans to your babysitter.  Look for straight leg, below the waist, dark rinse or something with a slight boot cut.  Then stock up with several pairs.

2. Go To  Tops – Figure out what tops flatter you most (another hint – it’s usually not a turtleneck).  For some of us, a cute button down is perfect, for others, something with a V-neck and a fitted waist with a drape (to hide the tummy) is better.   Once you got the shape down, again, stock up.

3. The Mom Bag – Again leave the little purse to your baby sitter.  You are a mom – embrace it.  Invest in good tote bag – leather for winter and canvas for summer that will hold everything – a few diapers, snacks, water bottles and your stuff.  Think about packing things in smaller bags – so that you can take things out as needed – you may want to carry a “mini-purse” with your wallet and essentials within the bigger bag

4. Your Hair – Face it – you are not going to be able to spend a lot of time on it.  Tell your hairstylist that and work on a cut that doesn’t need to be blown dried to look good.

5. Make Up – Basic make up should include a light foundation and a light moisturizer.  Make sure one or the other has a sunscreen in it.  A little lipstick or lipgloss can be all you need to go form looking totally washed out to dialed in.  If you have more time, you can use a little cover up under those eyes – you know the ones with bags under them cause you haven’t slept in years…And a translucent shimmer stick dotted on your forehead and cheekbones will help you fake a little healthy glow to your skin.

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