Black Rice is the New Superfood

Black Rice Superfood

Black Rice is the New Superfood

You’ve heard all about your superfoods, that class of foods that supercharge your body – making you more energetic, healthier and can even help you lose weight and stave off the effects of age.  Foods on that list have included things like blueberries and almonds, but now there is a new superfood out there – black rice, a whole grain with a nutty flavor.

Why is it a superfood – black rice is loaded with healthful antioxidants like anthocyanins (also found in blueberries).  The butritional benefit comes from the fiber rich barn husks which are oacjked with minerals and antioxidants – which have been shown to help protect against diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

So how can you get some of this nutty black rice goodness.  For now the rice is available in its raw form and is most easily found at health food stores and Asian markets, and some of the bigger supermarkets.  You can use it (and cook it) as you would any rice – as side dish with a lean protein or the base of a yummy stir fry.

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