Get Rid of the Muffin Top

Get rid of Muffin Top

Can You Get Rid of the Muffin Top?

Can you get rid of your muffin top?  Of course you can.  And you don’t need to do a single crunch.  The HotMama lets you in on a few secrets on how you can eliminate your muffin top just by dressing right. Oh and if you don’t know what the muffin top is – it’s not a poppy seed with a side of jelly.  It’s when your belly cascades over the top of your waistband…like a muffin top spreading out of the muffin tin.

1. Wear Body Shaping Underwear – no I am not talking about a girdle.  That’s so 20th century.  But do go out and get you a pair of Spanx or another similar body shaping piece of wear.  You can a slip version for dresses and a “pantaloon” version for pants.  There are also camisole or torso shapers – here be very sure you are getting the right size – i.e. not too small or it will just smush your bust and back fat and you will look like 5 pounds of potatoes stuffed into a 1 pound bag.  Trust us – we know from personal experience.  The right fit will suck you in and smooth you – and eliminate the muffin top bulge.

2. Choose the Right Pant – Full cut, straight legged from the hip or boot cut will counter a think middle.  Don’t tuck in your top or wear a belt at your waist.  But a belt that sits at your hip can be flattering.

3. Stay away from pockets on the front of your pants, unless they are jeans.  If your pants do have pockets try cutting them out and sewing them up to get rid of the extra fabric.  Lose the belt loops as well.

4. Consider some pull on pants – and no that does not mean sweatpants!  But a pant with an elastic waistband, as long as it lays flat and does add any extra bulk.  And again – never tuck in your top.  Please!

5. Pleated skirts can be tricky.  Look for ones that don’t make you look full around the waist, like ones stitched down to mid hip.  Slim cut skirts are the better way to go.

6.  If you have muffin top, you’re probably wearing a size too small in the waist…if the pants fit nicely through the leg and the next size up is too big all over, then have a tailor let the waist out.  And don’t be afraid to go a size up to get a pant that fits and is comfortable.

7. Other tips to get rid of the muffin top – V-neck shirts brings the eye upward (other peoples’ eyes), tailored jackets can also help create the illusion of a waist.  Look for shirts that nip in just below the bust and then flare out a bit – this will cover your belly and provide the illusion of a waist.

And finally, to get rid of muffin top – never, ever tuck in your shirt.  Oh yeah – exercise and eat right…

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