Fashion Tips – Wear Color Wisely


Darker Colors are More Slimming

Color – oh you fickle friend.  I am always slightly perplexed by color.  Am I a winter, summer or fall.  Is my skin tone too sallow to wear yellow?  Can you mix red and pink (hey it works for my three year old).   Is brown a shade or a color? Yikes, it’s enough to make this HotMama want to dress in all black – which is a proven slimmer.  But in the bold new adventures of the stylish HotMama I knew I had to uncover the secret of color.  So what have I found:

  • Everyone looks better wearing a base of a neutral one shade color – this elongates and slims
  • The darker the color, the thinner you will appear
  • Neutrals are timeless and make it easier to update yoru look by adding a splash of color or pattern, either with a top or an accessory
  • Choosing a base color for your wardrobe makes it easier to mix and match your clothes – if your color is dark brown vs. navy you will know which colorful pieces to pick and wind up less likely to make a color faux pas
  • A flattering color placed next to your face gives a youthful glow while the wrong will make you appear drawn

This last one is the hardest I think – how can you tell which color is best – are there some rules for blondes vs. brunettes?  That will be a subject for another post, but one surefire way is to take different colors and hold them up to your face and look in the mirror.  And then get a second opinion from a reliable source (three year olds are not reliable sources. Your husband probably isn’t either since he has a vested interest in keeping you happy.  Find a kind, yet honest friend.)

So this HotMama needs to decide on a base monochromatic color – gray, black, blue, khaki…argh the choices.  And of course, at this point I think it would be wrong to ignore the second axiom – darker colors are more slimming.

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