Fashion Tips to Dress Your Best

As I went through my personal HotMama transformation I did a lot of research.  I knew I needed to find out what style meant, what was appropriate for a thirty year old mom.  After all, I hadn’t really shopped since I was in my twenties, when I worked in an office where you had to wear suits.  How life has changed.  These days I hop in and out of cars, schools and shops.  I am likely to get spit up on, have a glue and sparkle explosion and face gooey pots of macaroni and cheese.  So nothing too fancy, or perhaps even expensive since there is a high destruction quotient in my house.  But first before I started to shop, I needed to figure out what was style.  So here are the HotMama Style Secrets.


Use a necklace to draw attention to your face

Style Secret # 1 – use clothes or accessories to attract or distract. This means that you want to emphasize your assets by drawing attention to them and minimize your problem spots by distracting attention from them.   Do you have great legs, brilliant eyes but a bit of bulgy middle?  Then focus on your legs – patterned hose, anyone and your face – a great necklace that focuses attention up and above the neck.  No one will see your belly.  Or so the theory goes.

The hard part – at least for me, is that I felt I had many areas I wanted to camo – from my post pregnancy belly, to my (perennially) large bustline, to arms that seems to be like sausages.  Some of these problem areas should go away in time – cardio kickboxing c’mon, but for right now, I feel as though my middle is the thickest.  So I will be opting for strategies to draw attention away from that area.    Since I am not a hose girl, straight leg pants in neutral or dark colors will be my best bet, since the long, straight line will make my legs look longer (which they aren’t) and lankier.

I’ll also be more diligent about wearing a bold necklace on a regular basis and make sure that I take the time to do my makeup – so that my eyes will entrance and distract.

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