New Year's Eve Party Games for Kids

When you have kids, very often you find them tagging along on your New Year’s Eve plans.  These New Year’s eve party games for kids will help keep them occupied while you ring in the new year.

tip 1 – Set Aside a Kid Friendly Area – Pick a kid friendly area in the house and let your kids decorate it.  Get party hats and New Year’s Eve noisemakers for the kids.  Stock it with kid friendly snacks and drinks.

Tip 2- Kid Friendly movies – Hopefully you’re kid friendly area should have a TV and dvd.  Stock up on kid friendly movies, like Home Alone or a G rated cartoon that’s good for all ages, as your likely to have a range of children at your party

Tip 3 – Set up Games and Crafts – Stock the room with simple games like chutes and ladders or a card game like UNO.  You may also want to head to local discount craft store and pick up a simple craft everyone can do, like a New Year’s Ornament or finger puppets.  This will be a nice takeaway for the kids at the end of the night.

Tip 4 Hire a babysitter – sometimes babysitters can be scarcer than a cactus in Antarctica on New Years Eve.  But since you’ll be home, perhaps you can get a younger daughter to be a more of a mom’s helper – and to keep an eye on all the kids.  You may even want to hire a team of tweens to help out.

Encourage Pajamas – You don’t want to host a sleepover, but make sure younger kids have their pajamas ready so they can change into them.  Have blankets and pillows stashed around the kid zone so kids can flake out if they need to.

Make a Time Capsule – have the children put together a time capsule. If you let the parents know what you have planned, their child will be able to bring something to put into the time capsule. When everything is inside you can close the container and tape it shut with instructions not to open it until December 31 of the next year.

And for any kids that do manage to stay up, invite them into celebrate the New Year, perhaps with some sparkling cider.

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