Are Mother Daughter Relationships Always a Train Wreck

Mother Daughter Relationships

Can you bond with your daughter?

Is there no hope for mother daughter relationships?  There don’t seem to be many portrayals of happy ones – rather we think of train wrecks like Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.  Even the stereotypes – mama’s boy and daddy’s girl don’t really get behind the idea of mother daughter bonding.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  If you’re having issues with your girls, or want to prevent them, then try some of these mother daughter bonding ideas to help you get your relationship on the right track.

Having a strong relationship with your daughter is important.  After all, who else would you want o be her primary role model – Brittany Spears?   As a mom, you know a lot about what you’re daughter is going through – form those changes to her body, to her feelings, to her issues with friends.  All these issues seem to intentify as our daughters get older, peaking in the teen years.  It can be difficult to be a mother to a teen, but this is a crucial time to “not give up”.

Don’t stop trying to reconnect with your daughter.  Reach out and let her know you are there.  Plan for time when you’re doing a neutral activity where you can be together – no deep talks required. You may be surprised at what does eventually come out.

Coffee Date – you make a coffee date with your best friends, so why not with your daughter. Take her to a cool coffee house, bring along some magazines and have some girl talk over lattes.

Try a walk or some other physical activity you both enjoy.  As your walking and chatting you will be able to connect with your daughter.

Chick Flick Marathon – get a bunch of romcoms (Romantic Comedies) and set up a marathon, complete with snacks and the tissues.  Don’t be afraid to talk during the movie or use them as gentle teaching tools.

Jour De Beaute – You can plan a mini spa day, either at your local spa or at home where you allow you and your daughter to be pampered.  The mental and physical relaxation of taking a day just for yourselves will help you feel better in each other’s company.

Keeping a healthy mother daughter relationship isn’t always easy.  Sometimes moms have trouble letting our image of our “little girl” go.  Other times, as kids grow up, they try to put a distance between themselves and parents as they work on building stronger relationnships with their peers.  Whatever it is, sometimes mother daughter bonding opportunities need to be created in order to maintain a great relationship.

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