Old Fashioned Holiday Crafts

old-fashioned-holiday-funDo you feel that the holidays have become too commercial?  Or that all the toys, presents and must haves wind up as  the why did I bothers?  Well you help combat this commercial fatigue by injecting a little bit of the old fashioned holiday cheer into the season by busting out the glue gun and getting crafty.

Go for the live tree – yes, it can be messy and a pain to put up and down.  But nothing says Merry Christmas like a real live tannenbaum.  You can decorate with simple white lights, strings of popcorn and cranberries (real or from the craft store) and even make most of your ornaments.

If you feel craftier, try strings of dry apple and orange slices.  Cut the fruit into slices. Soak the apples in water with lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. Spread the fruit in single layers on a cookie sheet and bake them for 6-8 hours at 150 degrees. Turn them over halfway through the process to ensure they’re properly dried. String the dried fruit with the cranberries and popcorn. Once the holiday is over,you can  hang the garland outdoors for the animals to enjoy.

Another fun ornament you can make with the kids are cinnamon dough ornaments.  These are made by mixing 3/4 cup applesauce with one 4-ounce bottle of ground cinnamon. Make stiff dough and roll it into a thin layer. Cut the dough with cookie cutters, poke a hole in the ornament for the hanger and allow them to dry for a couple of days.

You can go au naturel for the rest of the house as well – this is where the glue gun comes in handy . Find empty bird’s nests to place in the tree.  Make your own wreaths using grapevine or pine boughs. Add ribbon, pine cones and berries on the wreath to dress it up.

All this crafting is a great way to keep you and the kids busy so that no one will have to to think about  whether or not Santa is bringing them a netbook this year.

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