Good Home Workouts for Women

So as a HotMama – or an aspiring you know it can be hard to to find the time to exercise.  After all, when little kids seems to have an internal alarm clock timed to the breaking of dawn or earlier.   Or older kids keep you running around until late at night with chauffeur duty.  Not to mention laundry, dish washing and Iron Chef duties…(you know the mom version – where you try to cook something passable from a whatever’s in the fridge).

A HotMama knows that exercise is good for you (helps you look and feel better, keeps you strong and healthy…the list goes on).  But when it comes to following good advice, putting thoughts into action can be difficult.   So here are a few HotMama Secrets for fitting exercise into your busy schedule…

  • Home workouts are a great option for fitting exercise into a busy schedule.  You don’t have to worry about schlepping to the gym.  You can practically workout in your pajamas if you have to.
  • Pick a time and stick to it.  Whether it’s first thing in the morning or at night, after the kids go to bed, pick a time and stick to it.  Make sure the whole family knows that this is your time.
  • Find workout routines you can do inside.  You don’t want bad weather or lack of a babysitter to keep you from exercising.
  • Do you need expensive equipment?  Not at all.  If you can get a treadmill, exercise or elliptical, great – hint – check out garage sales, eBay and Craigslist for affordable second hand equipment.  (I love my recumbent exercise bike – I can read or watch TV on it)
  • Go for the dvds – tvs and dvds players are relatively cheap and so are exercise dvds…you may feel dumb moving it to a video (visions of Jane Fonda anyone) but some of these workouts (like this kickboxing one) are pretty cool and burn a pretty decent amount of calories

And the best part of at home workout routines?  You no longer have an excuse to wear sweatpants outside house…no, seriously – you won’t be able to pretend you were just on the way to the gym.

So just what are some good home workout routines for women?

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