Reasons for Choosing Container Gardens

Not many people have container gardens, even if they offer so much good. It’s popularity has improved now, but other methods of gardening are still more popular than it is.

Container gardens have the greatest benefit of being very accessible. Disabled individuals have easy access to container gardens.

Low tables serve as garden locations for people in wheelchairs. Container gardens enable older people to garden without the strain that goes with traditional gardening.

Even children find container gardening to be much easier than traditional gardening, because they don’t have to weed and rake and hoe, and they don’t have to have an adult till soil for them. People also have the freedom to move their plants when they wish with container gardens.

You are able to bring your outdoor plants inside when the elements are too harsh. If you plan your garden poorly and your plants are getting too little sun or too much, you can easily move their containers to a better location. And you can even move your plants on a whim if you decide they’d look better elsewhere.

Plants grown in containers don’t have the same issues with diseases that traditionally-grown plants have. Container garden plants may get diseases, but not as much as those plants in traditional gardens. You’ll have safer plants with container plants because potting soil is free from organisms that can cause diseases.

It’s easier to keep your plant healthy when they are in containers. It’s much easier to ensure the fertilizer you use gets to your plants if they’re confined to a small area of soil. So many plants compete for the fertilizer in traditional gardens. This is not as likely when plants are grown in containers.

Of course, when the soil area is relatively small, there is a chance the fertilizer can be washed out of the soil faster. Because of this, you do often need to fertilize more often than you would a traditional garden.

But then, at least you’re sure that your fertilizer is not wasted. The growing period of plants is lengthened when you put them in pots.

Insulating your pots can make the soil warmer than the soil in traditional gardens. You can start your plants early indoors or in a cold frame, then you can easily move them to larger pots outdoors when the time is right.

When the cold season arrives, you can still continue growing your plants by using insulation. Being a space saver is another advantage of container gardens.

A large number of people have limited space where they live. Container gardening gives you an opportunity to grow your own plants even if you don’t have a yard. Many people have small container gardens in a sunny windowsill in their kitchen, or in a sun room or spare bedroom.

Some people even grow plants in a closet by using a grow light! Container gardens are really convenient when you like to plant but don’t have the space.

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