Will Baking Cause Holiday Weight Gain

avoid-holiday-weight-gainAhh, the holidays.  There’s nothing like breaking out Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe and whipping up a batch for Santa.  Of course if a few licks of the spoon happens, it doesn’t count, right.  Oh, but HotMamas, it does.  Right to 500 calories for just tasting while baking.  While HotMamas never say never to food, during the holidays, with caloric temptation bearing down on us like Santa on sleigh pulled by crazed reindeer, the season of excess needs to be met with a dash of self restraint and pinch of willpower.   Practice sensible eating and reward yourself with a decadent new sweater at the post season sale.  Here are three simple tips for beating the holiday weight gain while baking the Christmas cake

To avoid “Tasting” – which can add up to mongo calories try opening a window.  This will flush away the yummy and tempting smell of butter, cinnamon and other good things.  If that smell lingers for hours, your will power will slowly wilt away…so bring in some clean fresh air or try an apple scented candle, which some studies show reduces appetite.

Destroy the Evidence – Fill your sink or a ban with hot soapy water and immediately dunk spoons, mixing blades and even the bowl into it before you have a chance to run a finger around, or pop it into your mouth.

Think salmonella – yup – when that spoonful of raw dough is staring you in the face remember raw eggs carry a bacteria that can cause food poisoning.  Which is a very, very bad thing.  Just think “dirty spoon, dirty spoon” and send it right into its soapy bath.

Avoiding holiday weight gain does not mean avoiding the tradition of holiday baking.  Just use these sensible tips and you can sail through the holiday season with nary a bulge to show for it.

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