Pain-Free Shopping For Big and Tall Men's Clothes

Sourcing good quality big and tall men’s clothing is no longer a difficult task. Once this size category was restricted to only a few specialty stores, but these days it’s possible to find it in almost every clothing store across the country. This style of clothing was once given the unflattering name of ‘plus size’ or ‘outsize’, but has since been reclassified to ‘big and tall’ to cater for the increase in popularity from customers all over the world. The widening customer base has led to a bigger variety in clothing choices and prices. There are so many options available for people who need big and tall clothing that figuring out what to wear can be a real challenge. Here are some tips for choosing the right clothing to suit your needs. By the way, I dropped just over three inches off of my waistline in the last month using AthLEANX. Check it out, it is really good.

Fabric that can “breathe” is desirable, but stay away from fabric that “flows.” Shirts that have that ‘flowy’ look to them may seem like a good idea to wear. After all, they allow for good circulation and feel good to touch. But looks are deceptive because they will make you look larger and heavier.

Fabrics that are cotton, or some kind of blend, will be better for you. You’ll still have a shirt that can breathe, but these fabrics are stronger and stiffer – so they will serve to contain rather than reveal, or show. If you are particularly sensitive about your weight, you will want to choose clothing that holds in your weight instead of the opposite.

You’ll want to cut down and time with trying on different clothes when you’re shopping, so wear shoes and pants you can quickly take off/on. It’ll just be less hassle in the fitting rooms. Taking things on and off, buttons, laces, or what-have-you is not enjoyable for most people. It’ll make it all go faster to wear clothes you can get out of and into, fast. And you’ll spend less time in the dressing rooms and be done faster. This is especially handy in stores that will only allow you to take a certain number of items into the dressing room at a time.

Single breasted lapel jackets are your best bet for a jacket. The single breasted lapel jackets will make you look slimmer.

Formal wear is something that should be shopped for carefully, and, if you can afford it, have it tailored or even custom made. There is no reason you can’t look super handsome just because you shop in the big and tall men’s clothing section.

So you see, there’s a lot you should think about if you’re buying in the big and tall men’s size group.

You have to think about where you shop, different fabrics and patterns to choose from, sizing differences – a lot of things! Many years ago – people just did not have all the choices and selections that are easily available to you, now. Well, that’s it – now you need to go shopping armed with your new knowledge, and be sure to enjoy it – you’ll look fabulous in your smartly selected clothes. Before you go, be sure to read our in-depth AthLEAN-X review and our post called AthLEAN X vs. P90X.

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