Your Questions About Muffin Top Jeans

Daniel asks…

Avoiding the muffin top with lowrider jeans?

Is there any way of avoiding getting a muffin top while wearing low rider jeans? Incase you don’t know, a muffin top is when your fat kinda hangs over the jeans.
I’m fairly slim, but i’ve seen skinny girls with muffin tops aswell.

richmama answers:

Simply dont wear yur jeans so tight in the waist. I personaly dont care for jeans that are so tight they look like someone painted them on your legs and every thing bulges anyway. No matter how skinny you are, it happens if you but them a little bit too small.

You can also tone up your love handles and that might help.

Here are some links if your interested.


good luck!

Ruth asks…

What should be done with muffin-top jeans?

richmama answers:

I’m not so sure it’s the jeans that make them muffin top. But your right….something needs to be done! I’ll let you know Monday when my brains back from the break! Oxo

Donald asks…

Good jeans that avoid muffin top but still slim in the leg?

I’ve got a little extra around the middle but I still like slim fitting jeans. And usually if I try on jeans that fit my hips, they’re too loose on the leg. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

richmama answers:

Here are some store or brand and the ages that you should shop there:

American Eagle(12-22)
Old Navy(12-35)
Not Your Daughters Jeans(35-65)

Ken asks…

What is the infomercial for lady jeans that hide the “muffin top?”?

I was watching an infomercial late at night a few weeks back – it was hilarious – it was for women’s jeans to make them look not so fat, the women were talking about their “muffin tops” It was really hilarious and i’ve searched all over the web and can’t find it. Does anyone know what i’m talking about?

BTW, i have nothing against overweight women, some are in my family – however the infomercial was too hilarious!

richmama answers:

It must be the Kymaro Curve Control Jeans informercial which are supposed to flatten a muffintop and shape your bottom so that it’s curvaceous and not wide and/or flattened.

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