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Donna asks…

This is too good to be true! Is this coupon to american eagle real or fake?

Tell me what you think

richmama answers:

I’m not sure but go ahead and take it with you, you don’t have anything to lose but maybe you will be able to save $15. Give it a try and let me know if it works, I could use it 🙂

Chris asks…

how can i get free clothing coupons?

okay so can anyone tell me how can i get free coupons? and what should i do? should just print them out?

is this a cupon?
can i go with this in store and got % off??

richmama answers:

Get free coupons by typing in the store, and then just coupons on google!
And yeah, that’s a coupon, but it’s for online shopping though……
Hope I helped!

Lizzie asks…

$15 off american eagle with no minimum purchace! Real or fake?

I got an email (not from the official american eagle website) saying you could get $15 off with no minimum purchace. Has anyone used this? Do you think its real or fake? I am going to try it tomorrow.

richmama answers:

Its a fake… I work at American Eagle and Corporate has sent out a message to all the stores not to accept this coupon. It doesn’t even scan in when you try and it doesn’t have a number to manually type it in.

You can tell its a fake from a mile away

Charles asks…

Coupon websites?

does anyone know any good websites for online AND in store coupons?? i alredy know about which is great but i need a good variety

richmama answers:

I like one stop shopping so i like the site below. They have instore printable coupons, grocery coupons, free things and tons of online shopping coupons and deals. Happy Shopping!


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