Your Questions About Tacky Christmas Trees

Mandy asks…

do you think those WHITE christmas trees are TACKY?

you know the white ones, fake.
i wanted to get one but my mom said they were tacky.
what do you think?

richmama answers:

It depends on how you decorate them and where you put them.
Like if your house is very chic and clean then it works.

Lizzie asks…

Do you think Christmas Trees are tacky?

I know it had to be a poor persons idea to decorate a tree and throw it into a living room. Sounds too white trash.

richmama answers:

Stop being racist. Christmas trees are traditional. They look pretty too with the lights on. I bet you have a tree sitting in your living room decorated, around Christmas. 😛

John asks…

quick question… tinsel on Christmas trees tacky or not tacky?

my sister in law yesterday really offended me by taking the mick out of my christmas tree saying it looked nice but was tacky having tinsel on it….! its only one colour to match the baubles and I am so not a tacky person I was so angry that tinsel is now obviously considered tacky and I haven’t received that memo or that it is only tacky within my sister in laws group of friends which is fine by me as they are all stuck up anyway. Which one is it people? is tinsel tacky? thanks xx and Merry Christmas. x

richmama answers:

The issue is not whether tinsel is tacky or not the issue is whether you are confident in your choices! So if YOU dressed your tree and you like, stand with that, and dont be bothered what anyone thinks! Christmas is not trying to out-do one another with how a tree looks anyway, how childish your sister in law appears!

Whatever you do, DONT remove the tinsel leave it and enjoy your Christmas and dont let childish remarks spoil it for you x

Joseph asks…

~Do you think fibre optic christmas trees are tacky.?

richmama answers:

I like them.

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